Sugar Is bad. That's it.

in health •  last year

For the past 10 years I've had severe back pain. Packed on some pounds. I ate less than those around me and was much more active. To get to my point. It was sugar. Stoped eating anything with sugar and within a week back pain was almost gone. I didn't go all hardcore and not eat anything. In fact I eat all the "fat" I want. So been avoiding any extra sugar I can for about 6 months. 60lbs gone alone with a ton of other benifits such as better brain function, weight, energy and almost pain free. The ache bones gone. If you feel you are headed the wrong direction with your health give it a try. No crazy workouts or diets. Sugar might be your nemesis. I know this has been said time and time again, but it might change your life. I know I missed my 20's due to pain and brain fog ect....IMG_5084.JPG
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I agree and glad you figured this so that you're now pain free! I have gone sugar free and noticed aches, anxiety, PMS and cravings have disappeared. It was my birthday recently so let loose a little to celebrate but on a day to day basis sugar is an absolute no go in our house.

Agreed! Sugar is the cause for many diseases.

Upvoted and follow.


Nice. I'll return the favor


Wish I would have figured it out sooner


Yea me too. I love it, but I had to cut it out.


But that's factually false.
Fat is the cause of diabetes. This is why fatty meals are not recommended for diabetics, however fruit is.