Quote of the Day -- Broken Crayons Still Colour the Same. You are OK. | We never know who needs this today, or the replies in this post too.

in health •  last year

Who else feels like this in general........ or specifically????

I struggle on the best of days as many of you -- but I do try my best each day, limitations and all.

I relate to this -- Do you?

You are not alone, believe me.

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Thank you in your post about your health

Yes! And you can put the broken crayons into cute shaped metal cookie cutters, warm them up until they melt and then you have cute shaped giant crayons!
Sometimes things need to be broken in order to realize their true potential ( as a unicorn shaped rainbow crayon).


We’ll never know our full potential unless we push ourselves to find it, no matter how ugly it seems at the beginning just know that it all going to end with a cute shape 😊😊


omg I forgot about the dooooooodle...now I am double inspired!... we all feel even when we are asleep, God bless you and may you and all seeking good be granted a piece of mind and soul in this lifetime of ours! those are beautiful words @barrydutton and @opheliafu you created a poem from them! :P I guess we are in the times of "hodlin" and holdin on ... so hold and behold the Lord as He comes in mysterious ways...


Aw, that is a nice reply Miss O.

I always appreciate hearing from you.

Sure, broken crayons colour the same. Most times people find out that they are not broken but bent. Being broken doesn't create limitations, it's an opportunity to show your capabilities and strenght; a chance to surprise yourself and the world.


Good points, thanks for the reply today!

@barrydutton I have felt this way most of my life. It is OK though I try harder because of it.

If you were looking to find the right candidate to fill a position in your company, would you want someone that never had a worry? Or someone who has been through hardship and doubt, then come out on the other side of that perspective? It's tough so much of the time, but never sell yourself short. :)

Especially as the holidays approach, I needed this today. Thank you


I dislike all the holiday crap, you are right and I understand, believe me.