Sleep Paralysis ( A story of a girl)

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Hi everyone,
It was about 3 years ago when I woke up in the middle of the terrified.My body was paralyzed from my head to my toes ,all I could was more my eyes and examine the room,what I experienced during that night I will never forget.I saw three dark figures in the room,one in the corner,one on the side of my bed and one next to my head almost above me in a way.They were all talking to each other and I heard them vividly talking about me.The presence I felt I know that they were demons,not just ghosts but demons,from what they were saying they were out to get me,and the last thing I remember them saying was "Get her from the left".All of a sudden,I had pressure on my chest and I couldn't breathe.I tried screaming but nothing was coming out.As I was struggling to scream and breathe I saw that all just staring at me.When the pressure released I immediately was able to get up and run upstairs.

For the longest time I have had these events occur to me every 6 months or so and I always talk that it was a demons presence or a demons possession in a way.I thought there was no other explanation for these until I talked to a friend about it,she told me that this occur every month for her and reassured me that it is a very common things.She gave it a name sleep paralysis.
This made me realize that there are other options as to what it could be,could it be a spiritual/demons experience or could it really just be a type of sleeping disorder/psychological meaning, and it had me wondering what factors fall into what?How do different cultures view sleep paralysis?Really going to different views,I first needed to define and pull apart the full definition of sleep paralysis.
Sleep paralysis is a state and the person cannot move or speak.It occurs when they are either falling asleep or awaked it is transitional state between sleep and wakefulness where the person often sees the figures/hallucination. Scientist believe that this occurs because of disrupted REM sleep but all around the world the views are different on my sleep paralysis occurs.

There might be some terrors.

  1. Highly related narcolepsy,uncontrolled sleeping
  2. End with sound or touch

Hope you like my article and if you do please


It's terrible...

It is very unpleasant and certainly feels like demonic presence at times. I've experienced sleep paralysis most of my life and fairly frequently.

I learned that taking in a large breath and holding it in will break the freeze and you will wake up in 5-10 seconds, just hold it in. Recently I discovered that sleeping with an Indochinite tektite under the pillow, for some unknown reason, eliminates sleep paralysis completely. I haven't had it since. They are only $5-$10 for the tektites on ebay.

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