Which is good after the toilet? Tissue or water?

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Experts have warned that toilet paper can remove a small stool and America is a country where there is no improvement in the anesthetized sanitation or health system after toilet. Whereas countries such as Japan, Italy and Greece use water for this (via bidet), there is a traditional toilet paper in the United States. But doctors say that in this way, cleaning excessive anus can lead to problems such as infection with folic and urinary tract infections or urinary tract infections.

Although this suggestion sounds ridiculous, stars like Will Smith and Terrence Howard have been using Baby Wipe instead of tissues for many years. Wish Smith praised this practice, saying it is amazing and incredible. According to Tonic Dot Vice.com, 90% of Italy, Spain and Greece have bidets in bathrooms. It sprouts the natural water so that the toilet paper can be easily cleaned. But this arrangement is not easy to get in the US Bathroom. Bidet providers say that it is difficult for them to supply bayets to the American market, because most people there are only satisfied with the use of toilet paper.

Rose George Tonick, author of 'Big Nonsecity: The Unmannedable World of Human Waste and Why It Matters' said that toilet paper should not be removed as far as the stool is concerned. He said, 'It seems to me that it is a dirty thing that millions of people are roaming around an awful ass and they think they are clean.'

Actor and director Will Smith said in an interview with BBC One Radio, "I'm the kind of person who uses baby wipe. So sharing it is important to me. When I get a great and incredible experience with something, I like to share it with people. Anyone who uses dry toilet paper, you are not really doing the actual thing. '

On the other hand, Genneth Paltra chose quite expensive ways for sanitation. He published his concept in 2015 and is using toilet paper worth US $ 100. It's not just for the sake of cleanliness, but the idea of using a videotape or baby wipe should not be considered. Cleaning aggressively by tissue can cause health problems such as anal fissure and hemorrhoids or piles. Anally fisherman is going to tear the shadow of the sidewalk. This can cause bleeding or pain during discharge. Most fissures are cleared within 8 to 12 weeks, but caution should be taken while cleaning the anus - otherwise it may cause tiredness.

Hemorrhoids or piles in the lower rectum and blood vessels of the lower and tissue are swollen or swollen. It is worse than fisher and sometimes it becomes difficult to treat. External hemorrhoids

around the anus. It may cause irritation if cleaning too much with anus tissue. It can be treated with cream or medicines. Bidet can also prevent human urinary tract infections. If people clean the tissues in front of the back, then they drag the bacteria from the anus to the body. This is especially the risk of women and their urinary tract infections. So water is a much better way than tissue. Bidet or wet wipe is used to eliminate bacteria and prevent urinary tract infections.


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very nice post abiut a sensible topic. water is a natural material used for cleaning body over thousands of years. its universal solvent. no other solution is better than water in Purification of our body