The Voyage Home: An Overview of Our Food

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[The following is not medical advice - for informational purposes only]


An Overview of Our Food

I'm Logan. If you haven't yet done so, please check out my Steemit Intro for some background on myself and my purpose.

Most people on this planet know nothing of the content of this article. Although there is infinitely more detail to be learned about what's wrong with our food than what is presented here, the solution is fantastic and dirt simple! This article is my attempt to keep the message to a digestible size, in spite of the subject being huge. For the uninitiated, this is going to be quite difficult to believe and I'll not stupidly ask anyone to take my word (alone) for any of it. But if reading this article prompts any of those unfamiliar to look a little deeper, then 'mission accomplished'.

On this beautiful planet we have several categories of creatures, based upon what they are naturally equipped to consume. Carnivores eat meat, herbivores eat plant-based foods, and omnivores partake of both. Finally, there is (what may be) a subset of herbivores, referred to as frugivores. You probably haven't heard of this, which is no accident. This subcategory includes the primates, whose diet consists chiefly of fruit, except for one species. Us. We've been duped into attempting to consume something referred to as a "balanced diet", for the "benefit of our health". But like so much else in current human culture, this is fictional.


Simply put, the answer is money. It goes deeper, but that would be well out of the scope of this article.

If someone suggested that you 'balance' what you eat between super glue, axle grease and rat droppings, you'd look at them like they're nuts. But that's practically what the establishment's "balanced diet" amounts to. Most of the 'balanced' items on the list offer limited benefit to the human body, while causing untold havoc to the functioning of its internal systems.

Money. The key. The "food" INDUSTRY rakes in a huge portion of the money we make. The primates of the jungle have no need for such an INDUSTRY, and neither do we. And far worse, there are the "medical" and pharmaceutical INDUSTRIES that rake in even more of our money, that simply would not exist if not for the "food" INDUSTRY. Without the "food" INDUSTRY, we would likely never be sick a day in our lives. And we'd keep our money. If all of us ate only the foods our species was designed to consume, our only need of anything medical would be in the case of emergencies caused by mishaps.

For those willing to open their hearts and minds to the truth of one of the most heinous cultural crimes perpetrated upon the human race for eons, as well as the dirt-simple means of obtaining health and well being beyond anything you've ever yet experienced, I submit to you a very heartfelt, sincere truth. That truth being:

You're eating CRAP.


Yes, crap. If you're eating store bought, packaged foods with labels, you're eating the equivalent of crap. Crap that your body has never wanted anything to do with, but was forced into from birth, has adapted to, and in the case of certain foods, has become addicted to. Crap that is quite literally (if gradually) killing you, from the inside out, causing you all the dis-eases and conditions associated with aging and/or living in the industrialized world. Some folks live into their 90s eating this crap (just like some smokers do), but for the vast majority, it's cancer, heart disease, etc, years of lengthy pain, weakness and discomfort (what we've been told is a natural part of the "aging process"), then finally time to kick the bucket.

The Great News: Life does not have to work in this progression, it is in no way necessary and is utterly unnatural. The solution is so simple it's almost funny. The key is in changing one's lifestyle in such a way that food is now seen as 'fuel', rather than 'entertainment'.

Say it once to yourself: Fuel. Not entertainment.

It involves eating in very simple fashion — simple, fresh, living, plant-based food. Addiction to toxic "comfort" food and drink are merely an emotional phenomenon, and changing the way you eat isn't nearly as difficult as it might seem. And if you can hold discipline, all (yes, all) of your afflictions, conditions, diseases, discomforts, pains, frustrations and even depression, will cease to exist, given time. And not a long time either. But you've got to be determined that you truly want a clean, pain free, long-lasting body that won't need any sort of assisted living until it's just about time to 'check out'. You've got to be determined that adding decades of comfortable, joyful, energetic living onto your time here is something that's worth getting off the food and drink you're used to. Most of these foods are utterly deadly, but the toxins they contain generally take decades to accumulate to the point where the diseases and conditions really begin to set in. This is one of the reasons most folks don't want to hear any of this — because for years they see no evidence of the damage, and dismiss it. Then later, as they gradually get chronically ill, they chalk it up to the "aging process" that they've been told about, rather than the true fact that it is simply from accumulated toxins. The claim that it's all a natural part of aging is a rotten lie. Let this sink in: it's not aging, it's toxic accumulation. And we do not have to live like that, in fact that is not even living, it's merely surviving. Generally in great discomfort. How about we quit surviving, and find out what it feels like to really live?! And for way longer!

And when your body is truly clean, for the very first time in your life, you'll find you no longer need food for entertainment. Your life will be far richer than having a need for that. Food will be your fuel, your medicine. No longer your downfall. When Hippocrates said "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food", he wasn't referring to packaged, processed crap on grocery shelves. He was talking about the same thing I'm suggesting here — raw, plant-based, alkaline fuel.

Admittedly, this is initially a lot to ask of one's self, this parting with foods that bring comfort. This is compounded by thoughts of what one is to eat at the family cook-out. To alleviate this, my wife an I will break from our new clean lifestyle on such occasion, which we feel is OK in disciplined moderation. In practice, we've found that breaking away from comfort foods is really no big deal, particularly when noticing how much better we feel, along with keeping the prize in focus. Seriously, is there a bigger prize in existence than true, exhilarating, fear-of-absolutely-nothing health? Is there a prize in the universe that could compare with knowing that no disease of any kind, to body or mind, could assail you?

Let's look at a rough list (in no particular order) of some of what most humans tend to consume on a day-to-day basis:

Meat, cheese, bread, pasta, vegetables (cooked), fruit, milk, cookies, ice cream, candy, coffee, soda pop, water, sports drinks.

Typically the vegetables, water and fruit are pretty low in frequency and volume (particularly the fruit), though your mileage may vary. One who exercises regularly may be drinking more water, along with those living in warmer climates, though far too many are loading up on sports drinks, energy drinks, iced tea, etc.

Now let's see a list of what our bodies were designed to ingest:

Fruit, water.



That's it. Oh, and soft or leafy vegetables (uncooked) for when fruit might be in less abundance. Period. That is not the way most of us live, but it is our original design. As you'll see below, humans, just like our cousin primates, are frugivorous (fruit eaters, by design). A body of easily verifiable evidence makes this easily discernible. If you really want to get in touch with what is best for you in almost all cases, think back to when humans were a brand new species. No weapons, no tools, no fire, just our hands, feet, teeth and brains with which to procure food. Mind you, our ancestors were all in the tropics at the time, so fruit trees and vines were just about everywhere. Given their known attributes, figuring out what our forebears were eating is a no-brainer. They, like all species, were eating what they were designed to eat, of course. Independent studies have been done with babies who are no longer breast feeding, and they universally choose fruits (prepared appropriately to their age) over any other foods. By design. You see, they haven't been conditioned yet.

By the way, several foods commonly considered vegetables are actually fruit, such as tomatoes and cucumbers. Now, it is still quite possible to be healthy when eating foods other than fruit, but only if done in disciplined moderation, including cooked vegan foods, which have lost some of their nutritive value from heating, but provide natural glucose and tend not to be acidic. However if you've got any serious health problem, fruit alone is your guaranteed road to recovery. That, and maybe a little real medicine for a kick-start! Much more on the most powerful real medicine in an upcoming post. (Pssst - It's the very best and it's FREE)

"What about sugar? Isn't fruit loaded with sugar?!?"

Fruit indeed has sugar, but there's a very big catch. Yes, I've heard all the warnings from mainstream media about keeping fruit intake to a minimum due to the sugar. THAT IS A LIE. The sugar that fruit contains is fructose (not 'high fructose corn syrup', which is a powerful grain toxin). Fructose is indeed a sugar, but it has very little in common with glucose, and nothing in common with the rest. And the only way to get real fructose (see warning below) is by eating natural, fresh living fruit (preferably organic, of course). Fructose is one of the most powerful silver bullets to human health in existence. By our design. You see, when fructose is the only sugar being ingested (with fruit being the only food intake), your body goes into a completely different mode from the one it's likely in right now. It goes into repair mode. Within the human body, fructose is the only sugar which provides sufficient energy for it to enter into this mode of repair. Unlike all the artificial sugars (and non-sugars), Fructose in no way fouls up your chemical balance, and in no way causes you to put on weight. Anything to the contrary is bullshit. The mainstream will tell you to avoid fructose because it damages your liver. THAT IS A LIE. They don't want you getting healthy, that would be very bad for business.

*Warning: Anything listed on a packaging label as "Fructose" is NOT fructose. It's actually 'high fructose corn syrup', and is the most damaging fake-sugar yet fabricated by the INDUSTRY. In addition to how bad it is by its nature, roughly 50% of it also contains mercury as result of how it is processed.

Acid and Alkaline: This is critical. All of chemistry falls to one side or the other between acid and alkaline, and food (like our bodies) is certainly chemistry. When our bodies are acidic, we suffer. But when our pH balance is in its proper alkaline range of roughly 7.2, disease doesn't happen. Due to what passes for "nutrition" these days, the vast majority of all humans fall well into the 'acid' range, and we're suffering greatly for it. Raw vegan foods (such as fruit, and of course pure water) are extremely alkaline, and are therefore extremely beneficial, particularly for those with serious health issues such as cancer or heart disease. Spoiler Alert: Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline, oxygenated body. Period. Much more on cancer fear porn in future posts!


OK let's look at our design. I'll be doing that a lot in this series, particularly as it applies to health. In nature, all creatures are drawn to what they are suited to eat by design. Humans have been artificially conditioned to be drawn to foods horribly opposed to our design, that we are now unfortunately addicted to (I'm no exception) through countless generations of this conditioning. Following is a list of categories of 'foods' that most of us are now addicted to, most often to our peril.

#1) Meat...

This is a big one. Have a look at this graphic that is becoming increasingly familiar to those who've searched for the truth of what we were designed to be eating.


Just look at that human mouth on the far right. Looks ready to run down a zebra, squeeze the life out of it with a hardy throat bite, then tear it up and eat it, doesn't it! Doesn't it?

The human body is in no way equipped to process meat, on any level. By nature we have no claws nor fangs for procuring and devouring such food to begin with, and our way-too-long digestive tract means that ingested meat is going to begin to rot while still inside of us. How nice. Our bodies gamely do all they can to get as much nutrition from it as possible, but the damage done far outweighs the benefits. Carnivores and omnivores process meat and remove it quickly, so it's out of their system before it can putrefy. The human body takes 12 to 18 hours to digest food, giving meat all the time it needs to spoil. And all this doesn't even address the problems of our meat INDUSTRY adding hormones, antibiotics, steroids and other toxic matter to the meats that we consume.

Result: Putrefaction, acid, inflammation and mucous. Simply put, it couldn't be further from our design.

By the way: In the 1960s, there was an increased worldwide push to promote sales and consumption of meats. Where meat was once something consumed occasionally, now it was an every day part of the culture. Also in the 1960s, reported cases of heart disease and cancer skyrocketed to numbers never before seen. And as disease increased, so did "medical" and pharmaceutical INDUSTRY profits. Anyone seeing a pattern?

The Protein Con: We've all been told since we were little that we need our protein for muscle growth (among other things), so meat, eggs, milk, cheese, etc are a must. The truth is that protein isn't really even a 'thing'. What I mean is, protein is nothing more than a chain of amino acids, which our bodies have a rough time breaking down. We most certainly need amino acids, but they're abundant in fruit and veggies, and not locked up in a chain. Our bodies will indeed break down the protein we get from meat (and dairy) in order to access the amino acids they need, but it will take way longer, and will use way more of our bodies' energy that would otherwise be funneled into healing and detoxing, along with surplus energy for other activities.

#2) Dairy...


Mammals are fed by mother's milk for a period of time (ideally 2 - 3 years for humans), and then are weaned off the milk and onto the foods each species will consume for the rest of its life. Each species has a natural time limit as to when mother's milk will no longer be entirely tolerable, by design. We humans become intolerant at roughly 3 years of age, at which point our bodies begin to lose their ability to digest the milk. Human children are subjected not only to milk long after their bodies can no longer properly digest it, but the milk they're being fed is from an entirely different species. Cow's milk is for, well, you know, cows! Calves will grow to upwards of 500 pounds in a single year, and their need for proteins, minerals and fats is massively larger than that of human children. Cow's milk contains over 4 times as much protein and over 6 times as much mineral concentration than that of human milk, causing the bodies of human children immense difficulty in digestion, resulting in countless childhood health issues. Adult humans cannot digest cow's milk at all, and this failure causes progressive congestive problems as we continue the habit of consuming it. And don't forget, it's not just milk, but the plethora of 'milk products' that we consume, including yogurt and (especially) cheese.

Result: Acid, inflammation and mucous. Again, it's not in our design.

3) Refined Carbohydrates...


Carbs are mainly starches and sugars. 'Simple' sugars, such as the organic glucose and fructose in veggies and fruits, provide critically needed energy to the body's cells without overworking or adding toxic load to the body. Refined carbohydrates (such as white bread and pasta) contribute to glucose overload and eventually acidosis.

Result: Acid, inflammation, mucous, allergies, diabetes, etc. Definitely not in our design.

#4) Packaged & Labeled "Food"...


Packaged snacks, milk, salads, meats, cheeses, vegetables, dinners, lunches, hoagies, condiments, desserts, etc, everything in a package with a printed label, is CRAP. This personally bums me out because I really enjoy peanut butter on toast in the morning. Oh well.

Everything that is packaged, along with 'fast food', come with one or more of the following:

  • Preservatives (deadly)
  • "Flavor Enhancers" (mess with brain chemistry)
  • Refined sugars (way bad)
  • Artificial sweeteners (way worse)
  • Herbicides (oh my)
  • Pesticides (dear God)
  • Growth hormones (what!)
  • Food coloring (cancer!)

Pre-packaged meats and cheeses are even worse than their fresh-cut counterparts.

Result: Everything imaginable that's bad. Consuming industrial poisons is most certainly not in our design.

Those who've researched the truth of our "food" INDUSTRY strongly suggest that any food packaged with a printed label be avoided entirely.

#5) Cellulose


Make no mistake, a vegan diet consisting of lots of vegetables is a very healthy way to live, especially if one doesn't already have any serious health concerns. However the reason we cook so many of our vegetables is that our bodies are not well equipped to break down cellulose, much of it is even difficult for us to chew. It's a great source of natural glucose (fuel) and is indeed very alkaline. That said, we are missing some key anatomical elements for processing it properly (when not cooked), which suggests it's not part of our design spec. First, our teeth have nowhere near the grinding capacity of those of herbivores, which causes the cellulose to pass to our stomachs in a much less broken-down state. Second, we have but a single stomach to attempt to finish the job, where herbivores typically have multiple stomachs, or multiple chambered stomachs, specifically to enable full breakdown of cellulose prior to it entering the intestines.

Result: Much of uncooked cellulose enters human intestines undigested, leading to loss of nutritive value of the cellulose, and (worse) formation/growth of unwanted types of bacteria and parasites to feed upon it.

Notes: Although cellulose consumption may not be in our design, it can be well tolerated when heated enough to help begin its breakdown. To avoid losing as much nutritive value as possible, it is recommended to steam vegetables, lightly. Also, unlike the fructose in fruit, the sugar in vegetables is glucose. Thus, consuming cooked vegetables will not promote healing, but will provide balanced, natural glucose fuel while maintaining systemic alkalinity.

Simply put...


Humans are frugivores. The vast majority of us are not as yet fruitarians (eating fruit only), but that's because of conditioning. The design of the human species is that of a frugivore, and if we were eating by design, we'd all be fruitarians.

And if we were all fruitarians, sickness would be something you'd occasionally hear about, but rarely see.

The Bottom Line

What we have currently:


  • We currently have uncountable numbers of humans that are (in the absence of homegrown natural foods) overweight, sickly, lethargic, in pain, frightened, depressed, demented, dependent, etc who are dying young, or living additional decades (due to pharmaceuticals) in pain and discomfort while waiting to die, have no clue as to why they're on the planet in the first place, and think that corporations (and the governments that sponsor and protect them) generally have their best interests at heart, other than maybe some 'unavoidable corruption'.
  • We currently have huge "food" producing CORPORATIONS, selling dramatically overpriced, highly toxic product that makes their stakeholders filthy rich, leaving the masses hopelessly vulnerable to the "medical" and pharmaceutical CORPORATIONS.
  • We currently have huge "medical" CORPORATIONS whose stakeholders profit hugely from ever increasingly sick humans (courtesy of the "food" CORPORATIONS), who believe they need the services of the "medical" CORPORATIONS to recover their health. These CORPORATIONS do not sponsor anything resembling true healing, as their focus is on one thing: treating symptoms. Root causes of these symptoms are left fully in place, and not by accident. And the profits of these corporations are locked into place by a "healthcare" system that (by law) must be subscribed to by all taxpayers, or be heavily penalized financially.
  • We currently have huge pharmaceutical CORPORATIONS whose stakeholders profit hugely from the same victims of the "medical" CORPORATIONS, by running amok with largely uncontrolled (i.e. inadequately tested) releases of exquisitely expensive, highly toxic drugs that humans are frightened into thinking they need to remove their pain and prolong their lives. Oh, and they all have side effects, requiring more pharmaceuticals to deal with those. For crying out loud, have you seen the lists of 'known' side effects on typical prescription drugs? They're terrifying. Does anyone notice that "death" is often one of them?


What to do about it:

  • Research. Confirm or refute what I've shared here for yourself, never trust your health to any one person. Words cannot describe how much more information is out there on this critical subject, which is well beyond the scope of this project. I'd like to recommend books and/or videos by the likes of:
    • Dr Robert Morse
    • Andreas Moritz
    • Mango Wodzak
    • Anne Osborne
    • ...and there are plenty more!
  • Start small. Maybe experiment by replacing one typical meal a day with fruit.
  • Buy organic fruit as much as possible, particularly at local farmers' markets.
  • Learn to grow your own food, and know for sure there's nothing toxic in it.
  • Once acclimated, eat as much fruit as you like, as often as you like - when eating fruit, you can't overdo it.
  • If any healing crisis (see below) gets a little too intense for your comfort, have a cooked meal to slow the process.
  • If you find yourself getting too hungry, you're not doing it correctly. Eat more fruit, more often — don't go hungry. The 3 square meals a day concept is as much crap as what's in their overly processed non-food.

Important Note: Healing Crises

Otherwise known as "Herxheimer Reactions", healing crises are simply what is experienced when the body goes into 'healing mode', occasionally a little more deeply than one might yet be prepared for. Typical symptoms are fatigue, headache, nausea, aches, etc, one typically feels like they have the flu. Other times it may be symptoms from old ailments temporarily returning, such as joint pain. Especially when first starting out with eating fruit only, (as mentioned above) start small. Don't go directly from hoagie lunches and steak dinners to all fruit all the time! As you'll find in any of your research, this is a recipe for a lot of discomfort. Work gradually into any natural healing protocol, allow your body to 'work up' to it gradually. This way the healing crises are kept to a manageable minimum. Simply back off a bit when you encounter symptoms you're not entirely comfortable with. There's no race, and no need to suffer. Ease up a bit and stay at a slower pace for several days, then maybe try to up the amount again and see. Understand that this is far more art than science. Understand also that any level of healing crisis is your absolute confirmation that your body is in healing mode, it knows what it is doing, and your process of true healing is underway! Do not get discouraged by allowing yourself to think that a natural healing crisis is an indication that the fruit is somehow making you sick. This is simply what it feels like within your body as it begins to move toxins through your system and out. Simply back off a bit and take it slower. Your body will take care of the rest. There is one, and only one thing in this world that can heal your body, and that my friends is simply, your body. The autonomous intelligence contained within the body is utterly amazing. It truly knows exactly what it needs to do to heal itself, entirely, from anything. Anything. But only when we stop blocking it through continued feeding of toxins, combined with the absence of the one source of energy sufficient to enable it to move into repair mode: the fructose found only in fruit. Once again, this is by design.

My Experience

I'm 60 years old, average build, have had over 50 diseases, conditions and ailments in general, which I keep a list of. I chelated (a method of removal) mercury for a few years, which helped a good bit with a number of my conditions. I am admittedly not yet a full time fruitarian, but I've been working toward it for about a year now. Even though I'm not full time, there are days where fruit is all I eat. At my worst, I eat toast or a cooked meal maybe once a day. And in spite of not yet being full time, I'm seeing results that are remarkable. First, I'm down 20 pounds without ever having been hungry. My prostatitis is now under control, my brutal acid reflux (my worst ailment ever) is gone. I used to take pharmaceuticals for both of these (including the 'purple pill'), and I am now off all of them. My seasonal allergies are just about gone, no more meds for that either. I'm sleeping better, have more energy and clarity of mind. My oily complexion and "adult acne" are gone. Symptoms of candida (athlete's foot, toenail fungus, jock itch) are fading fast now. There's more, but these are the most profound.

I've found that when eating only fruit, the feeling of 'fullness' isn't the same, to no great surprise. I don't stuff myself, and even if I eat a lot of fruit at a sitting, I don't get that 'really full' feeling — I just know I need to stop. At first that seemed a little dissatisfying, not having that completely satiated full stomach. But what I got instead was a great feeling of energy and focus, rather than 'food coma' like before. For hours after eating only fruit, I simply feel better, instead of lethargic. I feel really good. Much easier to focus on what I'm working on. I used to have this fear of not having enough food in my stomach, probably due to reactive hypoglycemia. I was often concerned about getting those weak, clammy low blood sugar symptoms that never seemed to happen when I had a full stomach. Since largely getting off the crap food and (instead) fueling with fructose, this has been a complete non-issue. I've learned through research that the human body doesn't need nearly as much food intake as we're all lead to believe, and experience with fruit (and occasional fasting) is certainly proving that out for me.


I chose this to be the first article in The Voyage Home series because I'm utterly certain that regaining real health through natural cleansing of the body is 'Step 1' in finding one's way 'home'. So many don't know it, but the way we feel about people, ourselves, the world, everything, is centered on how well (or not well) the chemistry of our bodies is doing. Simply put, our physical health dictates our emotional health. A truly healthy person sees setbacks as merely part of their 'life situation'. They make decisions, maybe re-plan, implement some changes if possible, and move on. This is because their body chemistry allows their spirit, their true being, to remain in control. A non-healthy person (the vast majority of heavily poisoned humanity) sees setbacks as nightmarish catastrophes from which they may very likely never recover. Okay here comes a run-on sentence, please focus with me...

The best logical thinking of a non-healthy person is often kept from coming to the surface because the functioning of their natural biological filtration system (their body and brain which keep their spirit from coming completely into their awareness while here on Earth, by design) is so thickly clogged by (among other things) a backed up lymphatic system (which they've deliberately never even been told about), that any degree of true awareness is soundly stifled.

And so they suffer. Physically and emotionally. They suffer by going through all variations of denial, anger, sadness, remorse, and above all... fear. A clear-minded, mentally and spiritually aware human who is living in the moment (as opposed to staying focused on regrets of the past and fear of the future — as programmed) has no fear. This person takes the good with the bad, and accepts it all. He or she makes positive change where it's possible, and lets go of what's out of their control. And is happy. All the time. What a concept!

This article is about you considering setting yourself tightly on the track to true health, the right way. No starvation, no pills, no gimmicks. The right way. By resetting yourself to the lifestyle you were designed for. You were not designed to be eating and drinking refined crap, any more than you were designed to be walking around in fear of what's going to happen, regretting things in the past, resenting other people for their differences, etc. You were designed to eat fresh, living fruit. You were designed to interact with others respectfully and lovingly, and enjoy it all day every day. What you think is natural distrust of others is only a product of the poisoning and programming done to all, for purposes of control. You can remove it all, yourself. At no cost whatsoever. And be healthier and happier than you've ever imagined possible. Oh, and also, never worry about your weight again. A fabulous byproduct of eating by design is that your weight will be auto-adjusted by your body to its own perfect setting. The weight it was designed to be.

I so very, very sincerely hope that you'll consider looking further into this critical subject, and work to make yourself truly healthier and happier than you've ever been.


This series is my contribution to the body of work that is now well in progress around the world. And maybe, just maybe help provide the spark for more to begin implementing the changes that lead us all back to that place of comfort and love, a new Earth, virtually devoid of pain and fear. Together.

It's not easy, but it is simple and wonderful.

It's The Voyage Home.

In Love and Service,

from the Bottom of my Heart

-Logan @aware007

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