Checking in on Steem

in #healthlast year

Hey folks. i've not been here in 3 years or so (but am active on the fork).

Out of curiosity i thought i would log in and see if it might be worth posting occasionally.

What's new in the Steem world?

My interests in particular are in #HolisticHealth, #CommunityGovernance, growing #OrganicFood and #Privacy & #anonymity.

Sat Nam

Image of pizza and mushrooms which i made a couple if days ago.


I literally just logged in to do the same! It's been a few years for me! I see the platform is still actively being used. I might just start posting again myself!! Good to see you back!!

In case you didn't realise, you've got nearly $400 of coins on the other side. Maybe i'll see you there?

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