Elevate! Activate four hormones of happiness with a smart coffee.

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During the last Summer, I reflected in my health and my daily coffee habit. I saw clearly that this pattern is not serving me, and that it is something that needs to be transformed. My body was very acidic, I was in a loop of feeling drained, and having sugar cravings.
Very soon afterward my friend turned me into a nootropic coffee and my old habit literally elevated to another level!

I started ordering D.O.S.E. - a month of supply of smart coffee + xanthomax. Combined they are activating 4 hormones of happiness: dopamine serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin, among many other positive effects:


One major thing for me was noticing much lower acidity of my body. My sugar cravings were going way down, and I started shedding any extra weight.
There is still some coffee in it, but also other very good for you ingredients:


Every day I am really looking forward to having it, it tastes very good! I haven't tried yet their keto creamer but I heard good things about it. Surely it also works very well with a coconut milk creamer and some ghee!

Very recently I was moving through a very busy time, and under all the pressure I came back to drinking a regular coffee and having sugar. These weeks allowed me to see more clearly these patterns for what they truly are, how tricky they can be, and I am now getting back on track!;)
I still really like coffee and I will let myself to have it once in a while, but now I know what works for me way better on a regular basis. Transformation of these simple patterns is making a big difference in my reality, that's also why I decided to say yes to an opportunity to join their team and sharing with their products, as I believe that many people would benefit from them. Even if you are not a coffee drinker you might want to try Choclevate + Xanthomax. You can get a better deal if you will subscribe to a smartship program, and you can cancel at any time.

ELEVATE products:

Hemp Oil:

This company is offering amazing network marketing opportunities if you are subscribed to a smartship program:

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Fijate que lo amo, pero me cae muy fuerte!!!, ando muy resio toto el dia y toda la noche, jaja!. Pero de vez en cuando me doy el gusto de disfrutarlo, vale la pena exactamente por todo lo que dices de él y su especial sabor...