To be healthy, do not ever eat after eating this 5 work

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We eat food because it is essential for our living. Eating gives us the essential elements for the development of our body and mind and it gives energy to our organs to work. After eating and after eating, many types of activities begin in the body, which are helpful in separating energy, vitamins, minerals etc. from this food. Many times due to some of our mistakes, the process of digesting it after eating becomes slow, which can cause many problems to the body. If this work is included in your habit then it can lead to serious diseases over time. So if you also do this after eating, then change your habits today.

It is harmful for smoking health. You may also know it, but doctors say that smoking is 10 times more dangerous than normal smoking. Apart from lung cancer, the risk of liver cancer, oral cancer, pancreatitis, plurici etc. increases a lot.
Bathing immediately after eating can not be considered as good for health. This can cause our digestive system to get disturbed and body temperature is affected. Actually the body needs enough energy to digest it after eating it. For this, all the blood of the surrounding part of the stomach is gathered and gives energy to this task. In such case, if you take bath, blood has to work first to control the temperature of the body and the food remains uncooked.

Fruit intake
Different fruits take different time to digest. Therefore, if you have to eat fruit, it is one hour or two hours later to eat the right time to eat it. If you eat fruits immediately after eating, they do not digest properly and you do not get the benefit of the nutrients present in them. Therefore, do not eat fruits immediately after eating.
Tea or coffee intake
Tea contains acidic properties and drinking tea immediately after eating can affect your digestion. The acid in the tea hinders you from digesting the proteins taken in food. You can not get the proteins taken in the food. Apart from this, the body does not absorb iron properly by drinking tea immediately after eating. Due to this, indigestion and indigestion can also happen. Therefore, do not consume tea one hour before and after dinner.

Sleep after eating
Lying immediately after eating or sleeping is not good for health. This causes problems in digesting your food and your obesity also increases. Many times you may have felt that when you fall asleep immediately after eating, then your belly feels full when you get up. This is because the food is not digested. So sleeping after eating is not good for health.

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