If you want to avoid Lu in summer, then follow these

in #health5 years ago


As the summer season arrives, the increased risk of temperature increases with hot winds increases significantly. Due to the lack of water and salt in our body these days, there is a reason to feel lonely. In this season a little incomprehensibility can be fatal for life. Do not be a victim of Lu, there is a need to be precise. Such lu can be avoided during the summer season.

  • Drink plenty of water before leaving home in the summer days.
    Get out of the house after eating a meal
    Wear loose, comfortable and comfortable clothes.
    Use your umbrella, cap, towel, etc. to cover your head while leaving.
  • Regularly use ORS or prepared lassi, chhish, lemon water, mango cake etc. in the house.
    In the heat and in excess heat, there is a sense of humor on the body. Applying gram flour in water and mixing them on the ground is beneficial.
    Make a paste by grinding barley flour and onion and apply it on the body. Of course there will be relief.

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