What is Anxiety?

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For a couple of months, I have been attempting to do vlogs on Dtube, in order to share my thoughts and ideas about homesteading and life. For every video I have done, there were dozens and dozens of takes before I was able to collect my thoughts enough to make a video coherent. Its a very hard process to make them and Its been very hard to get to a final product. I had been trying for a couple of days to make a video on several things but my own anxiety has prevented me from making anything, so I have decided to write about it instead. Writing about it helps me and I hope what I share can help others to. Id like to tell you what Anxiety Disorder is, and how it can effect people.

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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a feeling that can happen to anyone, and everyone does feel anxiety at some point in their life. The feeling of doom or uncertainty before taking a test, or when you are having to make a very important decision, or starting a new challenge. Most people, in their day to day lives, can manage those kinds of feelings and it is never an issue. There are people, however, where those feelings are chronic and will not go away. It can effect everything in that persons life including school or work, relationships, and daily living. Anxiety can exist in many forms, but there will be 3 disorders that I will be sharing about my experience with today. Those 3 are:

Generalized Anxiety, Panic Disorder, and Social Anxiety

Generalized Anxiety is commonly mistaken as a type of basic, or minor form of anxiety. However, Generalized Anxiety disorder is actually a constant, and persistent, feeling of doom and uncertainty. It is a constant, excessive feeling, and will last for months at a time. Its like being wound up like a wet towel so tight that you just become twists on top of twists. There is no real triggers for this type, due to its constant nature. It effects every aspect of the person's life.

Panic disorder, is a form of anxiety that will come in sudden and unexpected bursts, and usually repeat due to triggers. They can usually be managed as they come, and most people who have this disorder will work very hard to avoid those triggers. When the person is triggered, the anxiety quickly can become uncontrollable for that person and they may start hyperventilating and their heart may start palpitating.

Social Anxiety is a fear of any social or performance situation. It makes it very hard to talk to people in groups, even though as 1 on 1 or with a few trusted people they seem OK. It usually manifests as an overwhelming sense of being judged, humiliated, or embarrassed. Communication can be difficult in expressing those feelings, due to a vicious circle of thought when confronted with social situations.

How it effects me:

I have been diagnosed with Generalized and Social Anxiety. Sometimes, I can manage through self medicating and meditation, but sometimes it boils over into uncontrollable panic attacks. Its something that I have to live with. It wont go away, and there is no cure. It has effected every job, relationship, and person I have been close with my entire life. It can make days very hard to cope with. Trying to get in front of the camera it seems also gets to me alot of the times, but a keyboard seems easier to explain myself. Mostly because I can retype my words easier than starting over on camera.

I dont think of it as something that I should be depressed about. Its just the way I am wired and I have a wonderful wife who is my partner and confidant when I go through these things. My anxiety helped me seek Buddhism, which continue to shape my life today through meditation and focus. Since I have started homesteading, alot of times my anxiety is very low, and life is good. At least more often than it was living in a major city. I can still find peace and happiness in life, just sometimes I need to be reassured that the world doesn't hate.

I hope what you read today can help you or a loved one on what anxiety is. It effects many people and I think a stigma has been set on it that it doesn't deserve. Please resteem, follow and upvote if you found this helpful. Thanks for stopping by and Steem on Steemians!

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FANTASTIC article!

I too have suffered from anxiety and am working on it. The best thing I ever did was to talk about it and seek help.

Raising awareness around this is so important.

When I get round to introducing myself, I too will try and focus on helping as much as I can.

You've just gained a new follower! Hopefully you can follow me back and help with what I will soon have to share?!

Luppers :)

Thank you for sharing this. I, too, suffer from generalized anxiety and social anxiety. I can handle doing things over a keyboard much better than face to face. I can do small groups of people if I know and trust them. Honestly, my anxiety has caused me to miss out on meeting many steemians. I want to badly to meet every one of you guys but I just can't. I was just diagnosed in 2011 but was treated for depression since 1998. I know now that the feelings of being overwhelmed and the dread was actually anxiety that got misdiagnosed and mis-treated. I'm had a doctor appointment a few weeks ago and could not get the words out that I needed to say to get the help I need. Why can't we have doctor appointments that just require a chat room?? Anyway, thanks again. Although I'd never wish this upon anyone, it is nice to hear from someone who is going through many of the same things I am.


Wow i have a very similar story. I was diagnosed in 2010 but was originally being treated for bipolar disorder. My mom was diagnosed bipolar and it was just the easy fix. I didn't understand fully what i had until just a few years ago while going through grief counseling. Its made me miss out on meeting people to, and having get togethers. My wife is my rock through it all, and do t know where id be without her.
Thanks for sharing too, i know all to well how hard it can be!

Thanks for your support @armadillocreek!

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