This condition is so beautiful...The patients deny to be treated- Charles Bonnet Syndrome

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Greetings steemiterians,
Its been a week since my last post. Today , I am going to share about this amazing syndrome - also called the Charles Bonnet Syndrome. This is an extremely rare condition and I happened to come across though one similar patient.I am preparing a case report - which I will be sharing with you all if published. 



What is Charles Bonnet Syndrome:

The Charles Bonnet syndrome is the triad of visual hallucinations, causing bilateral visual deterioration , and preserved cognitive status. 



What are the symptoms and signs?

With this syndrome, hallucinations may be elementary or highly organized and complex. Patients may have formed or unformed hallucinations that either are persistent or come and go abruptly. Patients with Charles Bonnet syndrome have a clear sensorium and are aware that the visions are not real. If the cause of visual loss is known, neuroimaging is not necessary. 



Patients often hallucinate with pleasurable identity. They often describe seeing rainbows, butterflies , unicorns and find the environment as being in a wonder/ dream land. This maybe the reason why people deny to be treated despite knowing that the condition is pathological.

What causes Charles Bonnet Syndrome?


 In addition, it has been reported in patients following ocular procedures including CE/PCIOL, bilateral laser iridotomies, anti-VEGF injections, and enucleation.



No definite treatment is available. Psychological support is most important. Electro-convulsive therapy, anti depressants and deep brain stimulation have been tried with little success.

Hope You found this condition interesting.

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This is like House (the TV series) in text and pictures!


Good to know you enjoyed it!

never heard of it before, its indeed an interesting condition,. looking forward to the case report of it..


Thank you . you along with steemit nation will be the first to know when the case is published!