Alaskan fire, asthma and heart problems

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Well over a week ago when I tried to go berry picking and was forced to leave from the smoke. That event had a cascade effect. Forcing me to use my inhaler. Later that night my heart started to freak out. I had some palpitations that were bad! One felt lite an alien was trying to punch out of my rib cage! After the two hour event I cried myself to sleep. The next day I was a walking Zombie, I was so tired and my chest hurt. It hurt so bad, it felt like someone hit me with a baseball bat across my chest. I called the heart doctors office and told them what happened. They told me that I had to wait until I get my labs and my heart monitor done. I should also include this bad attack happened the day after I had just seen the heart doc.
Well yesterday I got my blood drawn and the monitor put on too. It’s a different kind of monitor then they have used on me in the past. This one has no wires and no beeper looking thing. 📟 Its a sticker!
Anyways, we are traveling down south and the smoke it thick and moving towards the road. I had @alaskatactical change the filter in the car before we left. I also made sure we all had masks.
We already had a respirator mask, from when I bought one for us along with my MIL. She lives up north and the air quality is very unhealthy. Anyways, so we needed four more masks.
We are heading to Anchorage to sell a gun and gun parts.
Then we will be heading to a town closer to the swan lake fire to buy a gun.
Since I have the monitor on I have to record everything that I feel. Date, time, and a number for the symptom(s). So I have to pack around a pack of index cards, because the thing they gave me had enough space for 8 events.
So while I am out and about with this monitor on I have to make sure I know the time, have a pen, and the index cards.
I hope this new heart doc will actually take care of this. I have seen two others at the same office. They have said “you have PVCs and PACs, there is nothing we can do. You just have to deal with it. But you can take magnesium until you get the shits to ease the feeling of the palpitations.”
So I am not exactly hopeful or excited.


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WOW sorry to hear about this. Sucks you had to sell a gun too but oh well you got to do what you got to do during times like these. Hope everything works out and you get better :-).

Thanks, he sold a gun he built, then bought a bigger gun.
I have to wait on blood work and them to read and analyze the data from the heart monitor.

Geez that's crazy @alaskahippie! Gotta love the advice from the dr's too! Wow, that's the best they could come up with?? I get crazy heart palpitations as just one of the joys of menopause, but never any pain with it; it just feels like my heart beats like crazy but with absolutely no patter, just all over the place. It only lasts for a few seconds though. Hope you get to the bottom of it all ... having to wear those masks with air quality so poor is brutal as well!

Thanks, yeah Alaskan docs are freaking useless. They are as bad as military docs.
I am just waiting of blood work and for them to read the monitor. I hope this doctor isn’t stupid, but I’m not confident. I may have to travel to the states. That going to suck.

aww geez, I hope you don't have to! I see this response is already 6 days old, so hopefully, you've taken a turn for the better :)

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