🤸 So you wanna learn to HAND STAND?!? - Wall Drills That Will Make You STRONG 🎥[video tutorial inside]

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Wall Holds

Wall holds are a very important way to build up strength and endurance for your hand stand practice.
In today's video tutorial I want to share with you how to get into these wall holds and talk about how they can help you with hand stands.

I am sure if you work on this exercise you will feel stronger and your handstands will improve!

Check out more of my Hand Stand Video Tutorials:

3 Exercises to Get You Started with Hand Stands


I hope you liked my video tutorial. With practice you can have a strong hand stand!
Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

Have an awesome day!
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I had a good handstand day yesterday! my kicks are getting stronger and I'm way more aware and in control of my center. I'm getting closer!


YEAH!! Awesome Val!!
Keep getting it!!
I can't wait to see them soon! :)

I love doing handstand pushups, they feel great and works on stabilization muscle too


That is awesome!! Definitly good for stabilizer muscles. Such a good way to work your arms and shoulders

Woo hoo!! I need to do these


you should practice lots of hand stands ! It will make you strong! Ever though you are super strong already! :)

It is a fun thing to do for sure. I am one of the lucky people that can do this already. Best of luck to anyone trying to work on doing it for the first time!


Awesome! Yeah I love practicing hand stands. The limits are endless. I am currently working through balancing one arm :)
THey are lots of hard work

good guidance dear friend


Thanks! :)

That's pretty cool to know thanks for the tips by the way :)


Thanks for checking out my post

Thank you! Respect


THanks for checking out my post!

O wao its working nice guide




Mention not my pleasure

Wow wonderful



awesome tutorial! Wall drills!

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Thanks for the boost ^^
I like goats


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well thanks :)

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Thank you, thank you. Last summer I was determined to learn how to handstand, but it was very hard and I just quit. But now seeing your post I think I might give it a try again :) If I finally do it virtual steem bears are one me :) ;)

Awesome video. I learnt how to do this while I was really young. It's really fun

hey it is not so easy to hand stand.i have practice so many times but i fail.but after watching your post I will try again.thanks for encouraging us..nice post..


Yeah, try these wall holds. It will help ya for sure if you stay consistent and do them for a month