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I can't believe what am feeling right now if better or stay connected given the circumstances around us today.
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Daily Steem and Steem dollars (SBD) price Report - 2018-05-13

this post at of when it was posted I was wondering if prices will go up or down in


Price in Bitcoin: 0.00036325 BTC
Price in USD: 3.13649 USD
24 Hour Volume: 12100700.0 USD
Market Capacity: 803257680.0 USD
Available Supply: 256100826.0 STEEM
Total Supply: 273074920.0 STEEM
Price Change in 1 Hours: 1.09 %
Price Change in 24 Hours: 14.39 %
Price Change in 7 Days: -14.47 %

Steem Dollars (SBD)

Price in Bitcoin: 0.00027475 BTC
Price in USD: 2.3728728799973 USD
24 Hour Volume: 6123770.0 USD
Market Capacity: 33919278.0 USD
Available Supply: 13544253.0 SBD
Total Supply: 13544253.0 SBD
Price Change in 1 Hours: 0.56 %
Price Change in 24 Hours: 4.67 %
Price Change in 7 Days: -22.93 %

Price and Data Source: &
Image Source:

This Report will be updated Daily in this time.

A witness is able to change Steem community and decide about future of Steem blockchain.
Go to witnesses list and research about every witness and vote on good witnesses.
top 400 witnesses list
top 50 witnesses list
Or, you can simply proxy someone and let that user choose witnesses.

So who knows the current price now and the difference between this dated 2018-05-13 and now are we going higher or down.

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