My Health Status Update... Day 2 | Hydrated, Veggie Enriched, Soda Free, Nutty! | Sun Sep 02 2018 23:47:05 GMT+0100 (WAT)

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Hi there!

It's another day and another time to share my Health Status with you. Today I'm glad because I realized another key in living a healthy.

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Being and living consciously and deliberately. Making conscious and sometimes painful decisions deliberately.

Nothing good comes easy and the only thing that grows without effort is weed. So I learned that being conscious of my decision to live healthier starting this month affects how I pick my snack, how I spend my money, how I plan my movements and how I think.

I found myself avoiding a path today because I knew I might see some oily buns which I love there and be tempted to get some. So I took another path home. I found myself comparing snacks and tried choosing the healthier decision. I found myself looking forward to my healthy meal when the hunger pangs came and I was tempted to eat something, anything.

Yup! Living deliberately is key.

It's Day 2 and I'm going to be sharing how it went. So...

What did I do wrong today?

I think my portion was bigger than I planned to take. I was really hungry!
I also ate a bit more carbohydrates than I wanted to.
Carbs like make up my main meals and it is going to be a real struggle getting things right, but I'm going to do it.

What I did right today?

I consciously took a lot of water. Yes I'm keeping that up!
I ate more vegetables! I made a vegetable sauce and took a good portion of it. It is not a norm for me, and I plan to get really creative with veggies!
I took nuts as snack instead of some of those things I would have taken.
I resisted the temptation to take soda!
Phew that was a tough one but I plan to stick to it.

So yes, that's how my day went.

Health Status... Veggies enriched, Hydrated, soda free and nutty!


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