My Insomnia, Depression, and Chronic Pain: A Blunt Review of the Healing Bed


   Finding a bed is a real struggle for me, because I’m battling so many problems. I have insomnia, depression, and chronic pain, and past mattresses have only made the pain worse. The Healing Bed claimed that it could help with all three of my problems. I didn’t really believe it. But the website actually took the time to explain how it helped in these various areas.

1. Insomnia

According to this bed can improve sleep habits by helping you fall asleep and stay asleep. The way it works is two-fold. For one, the mattress is made from a super-thick memory foam. The mattress can be as thick as 15 inches. This allows the user to sink into the bed comfortably. Any movement in their sleep will be softly compensated for with the memory foam. The other way this bed helps with insomnia is that it’s adjustable. Lying completely flat isn’t always best. The Healing Bed allows you to lie back to whatever degree you’d like.  But it’s a bed. Its job is to give you a place to sleep, and there are lots of comfortable beds. How does this oneimprove your health?

2. Depression

Effects of depression are tied to the quality of sleep. Insomnia and depression are actually closely linked. The better your sleep, the more rested and relieved you’ll be. Remaining asleep also keeps the brain from experiencing further aggravation when waking in the middle of the night and experiencing distressing thoughts. The Healing Bed also applies a pulse massage that will release the tension in your mind as well as your body. The Healing 8 model even includes a Bluetooth option, so the calming music you need to remain peaceful can be played from the comfort of the bed.  But perhaps the most attractive feature that claims to be able to provide is easing chronic pain. How does that work exactly?

3. Chronic Pain

The Healing Bed targets the neck, shoulders, back, calves, and feet. Unlike other mattresses, it has a layered support system. That thick mattress provides multiple stages of reinforcement. You’re also given the option to get the bed in varying degrees of firmness, depending on how much of that support you need.The memory foam and Rapid Response Foam Dynamics work together to adjust to your body’s individual shape, molding itself to your specific needs. This allows the bed to cradle your pain points. It may even improve your posture. After reading all this information, I was actually willing to give the Healing Bed a shot. And I’m happy to report that it really does work. Obviously, these aren’t things that will completely go way, but since using the Healing Bed, I’ve been feeling more rested, more peaceful, and in less pain. All it asks of me in return is a good night’s sleep.   

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