Pendulum Dowsing a Self Help tool which can assist one's spiritual growth

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Today I am going to write on something very new which till date I have never mentioned. I have always talked a lot about Crystals but have never spoken about Pendulum Dowsing and I am not even sure how many people will be aware of this Healing Technique. But let me tell you it is a very effective alternative healing technique

I have been practicing Pendulum Dowsing since the last 4 years for Healing and also for doing Readings. I get excellent results in healing when I compliment Crystals with Dowsing Protocols. This can be done by anyone and it is no rocket science. As fond as I am for Crystals equally I am passionate about Pendulum Dowsing.


What is Pendulum Dowsing

All living beings in the Universe has an Aura, be it Humans, Animals, Plants, Crystals and even Minerals that grow in nature are surrounded by an aura or we also say Etheric field which is nothing but the energy field around, which is the blueprint of that living being. When we use Pendulums for dowsing they locate this energy fields and helps us with the possibilities that exist in the energy fields.
This process is also known as Radiesthesy a Latin word, where Radius means “Ray” and aestheses means “To perceive” thus meaning “To perceive Radiation”.
Many people who work on Pendulum Dowsing have made it a very mysterious work as if externally someone is helping; but that is not true. Pendulum Dowsing work is no Magic but purely scientific. Pendulums are also being used by Scientist and Engineers.

Ofcourse you just cannot pick up the Pendulum and start working with it. There are protocols to follow, which if not done effectively the answers in a Reading can get manipulated just as same as in the Tarot Card Reading. Using the Pendulum one can read and interpret energy. It helps to gain insight into many things that would otherwise be mysterious. But if it is used for Reading I always advise to not dig too much into future and let life happen at it's own pace.

An effective Pendulum dowsing healing will help one to get rid of unwanted patterns of life e.g. fear, anxiety, sadness, etc., but important is one should know to use the right commands in healing. Cause the energy field has it's own way of interpreting commands and working on it. Through Pendulum Healing one can reach at a level of optimal health; i.e. overall physical, mental and emotional health. Pendulum Healing and Pendulum Dowsing are 2 different things though the medium is same, the healing can be for physical health, emotional health, relationships, finances, spiritual healing, or of any other issue or blocks in life. And Pendulum Dowsing is done to seek specific answers to any questions of life, just like a Tarot. It also helps Children, specially during exam time if they are not able to focus and concentrate on their studies.

Over a period of time I have a beautiful collection of my Pendulums; as of now I have a collection of 15 Pendulums Some made of Crystals and some of Metals, all used for different purpose. I have also created my own Pendulum Dowsing Course which is a complete Self -help kit which enables one to work through the destructive patterns of life and also gain wisdom for self-growth. Like Crystals you need to take care of the Clearing and Energizing process for the Pendulums also.

The Pendulum Healing and Dowsing work is like a never ending learning. There is so much to know and learn in this space that you just don't feel enough. I thoroughly enjoy this work and specially when I compliment it with Crystals, it is beautiful. Pendulum dowsing can also be complimented with Tarot Card Reading to get the most precise answers. Lately I am learning the DNA Activation with Pendulums; I am so excited about this course as there is lot of new stuff that I am getting to know.

I know this topic may not be of interest to many, but to keep it simple; if you are stuck with any pathological emotion and not able to get out of it, you should try on Pendulum Healing; or even for Physical Health; but yes again the point is to get a genuine person who has enough knowledge to work at root level and just not the surface so that the problem does not keep coming up again and again.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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Thank you for sharing this! I never knew of pendulum healing! I have used pendulums before for dowsing. I think it is super interesting and would like to know more about the science behind!
I always thought it could also be interpreted like a communication with the deeper layers of ourselves. Like we all know the answers inside and when we ask the pendulum a question, our unconscious mind may give the answers through tiny movements through the pendulum. In that way we are kind of communicating with our higher selves. But that's just a theory that maybe takes the power too much away from the wisdom and consciousness of the pendulum itself...

Wow, that's nice to know that you have been into dowsing work. As I mentioned it is directly connecting with out etheric field and doing all the work or getting all the necessary information it has to. And as you say we have all the answers within us, it is about communicating with our higher selves, which is absolutely correct.
Healing through pendulum is by following a protocol of using relevant commands and it works wonderful.

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@nainaztengra that you for writing about Pendulum Dowsing, I find it interesting and would love to experience it some day. They are very beautiful. How do you know which one to use? Are you just drawn to one of them when you reach into the box?


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Hey @walkerland, I am glad you are so attracted to them. Some of them are for specific purpose and some I go with intuitively. But they are always fun to work with and they can become so much part of you in your day to day life.

It is really interesting how a pendulum dowsing heals someone but if it has a good effect for someone to mentally make them believe that they will get healed then it is a good tool for such purpose @nainaztengra

A healing through Pendulum dowsing helps clear up a lot of stale, negative and lower energies so your body starts responding better and faster to whatever treatment you are taking and that's how one sees a good progress in recovery. Through dowsing healing one can also clear a lot of emotional issues which again is connected to physical health, when the emotional part gets cleared up one sees improvement in physical health.

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