That was one potent, tumultuous, wonderful healing weekend!

in healing •  2 months ago

Wow... The joy, the connection, the body-wracking tears, the beauty of nature... This weekend was absolutely, profoundly magical, and pretty intensely challenging.

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This was my third Solsara Immersion, and the first one where I was an assistant, also the first one that was a "residential", meaning we were all camped out together and shared our meals! The difference of being in the forest, at the beautiful Atlan Center was such a drastic improvement in the experience, as was the container staying closed all weekend rather than everyone separating each evening.

I don't plan on going back as an assistant, partially because you end up missing out on some of the pieces I find most important for my own process, and partially because I really want to focus on my dedication to myself for this chapter of my life.

This is definitely the longest video I've made in a LONG time, maybe ever, processing a lot of stuff that came over the weekend, especially yesterday.


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that was a very intense experience and I can understand how it has left you having to deal with a lot of things that came up. It sounds like you still may need to sit with what happened, maybe there is still some learning that needs to come, some more clarity, so that you can move forward, when we dig deep it takes time to resurface.
Sending you love and healing @kennyskitchen xxx


Definitely lots more processing and sitting with it to do. I'm heading over to a close friend's house shortly to drop in about it. Thank you sister, sending love & healing your way as well!

Wow your a whole new man!! Nothing like a physical change to support the internal work. Appreciate all the insights and good vibes :)


Yep, every now and then I really feel the need to wipe away the lingering bits of the past few months that are all over my face, haha :-P

Thanks sister! Sending love to you and the little :-)


Haha!! So cleansing to make a change! Thanks so much @kennyskicthen! Lots of love to you too 💜

I could feel that. Difficult. But better when said and shared.

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