A call to help heal and uplift Gaia/Earth

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There is an intense energy battle happening on earth this very instant.

I have since a child been deeply connected to the earth and speak to her soul.

I am one with her spirit.

Yes this beautiful planet is an ancient spirit.

She lets me know what’s happening on all levels, she lets me know the secrets of all secrets.

I can feel what the earth feels and have cried countless tears every time she has been harmed.

Which sadly now is happened nearly every day.

She has let me know about the nuclear catastrophes and expressed how this has harmed the oceans and the lands poisoning them.

The Poisoned waters and lands effect the energy flow that is flowing through every human being on this planet.

Which in turns causes disease and negative toxic emotional charge.

The effects of these poisonous energies on humanity are dire and cause people to attack, harm and destroy each other causing chaos and death.

Destruction, disease and a long list of other negative things.

Currently the planet is in a war with energies that come from portals that were opened up on Mars. These portals to lower realms of energy allowed negative entities and energies to access Mar back then, and these same lower energies are affecting earth and she battles intensely attempting to protect humanity and herself.

The fires in the Amazon are a great tragedy.

The Amazon is soul energy itself.

When people die they often choose to become trees, plants and vegetation where their soul energy happily abides in peace and beauty.

The very soul energy of this planet has taken a hit.

This planets ecosystem allows for eternal life as people’s souls leave bodies and go either into the earth, the forests or plants and after they spend time there they either pass on to other realms planets or even back into bodies.

You also have the MA or mother in Amazon.

The sacred Mother Nature.

The divine feminine.

And yes she also has taken a hit.

Now to the solutions that I have been instructed to disclose to each one of you who are awakened and know how to channel energy.

And if you don’t know how to channel energy you can pray for the earth this also will help.

In ancient times there were powerful priests and priestesses of light.

These seers of the divine would use their abilities to push back lower forces into the realms they came from and they would close the gates and portals and then channel energy into the planet to bring its frequency up.

We can follow the footsteps of these ancients.

By using our abilities, will and heart to push dark forces back into their realms close the gates and heal this planet and bring its frequency back up.

Yes each one of you can do this and together we will prevail.

It’s important at this time that we rise up to help save this planet.

Some exercises to do this:

Visualize a large bubble and imagine taking the dense lower energies this earth is struggling with and place them in the bubble, then visualize the bubble burning up in the sun.

Next scan the earth and where you see dense dark spots on it visualize closing these lower portals and visualize light pouring into them.

Then visualize rainbow energies charging the inner core of the planet and also pouring into the oceans, rivers and forest and above all the Amazon.

After all of this imagine unconditional love from your heart pouring into the planet.

And request that your soul helps heal this planet

Thank you and blessings loves.