Communities of Steem - #Hayrunners Needs Your Help - Sponsoring a Truck Of Donated Hay To Drought-Stricken Aussie Farmers

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Community In Action Makes Magic Happen

There is no greater sense of community than when a group of complete strangers get together to help someone in need. I have seen it happen out in the real world, and I've seen it happen right here on the Steem blockchain. It really is something special, and when the Steem community gets together to support a cause out there in the big wide world, magical things can, and will happen. There is no doubt about it!

Here in Australia there is a severe drought in many farming areas in New South Wales and Queensland. Some areas haven't seen rain in years, and the kids growing up there, who are four or five years old now, don't know what rain is; they have never seen a drop of water fall from the sky.

Supporting the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners

This is why #hayrunners has been started here on the Steem blockchain; to help raise enough STEEM to sponsor fuel for a truck (or a few trucks) to carry a load of donated hay to one of these areas, providing just a little relief to a farming community who is in dire need of both physical and emotional help, both of which a truck load of hay can make a huge impact on. It lets those battling farmers and their families know that there is someone out there that cares enough to do something for them in their time of need. To some farmers out there that could be the difference between fighting on through the hard times, or giving up on life altogether.

Our Target is $2500 Australian Dollars (AUD), which will allow us to sponsor the fuel needed to get a truck load of donated hay deep into the drought-stricken areas on the next Burrumbuttock Hay Runners hay run (try saying that quickly!), which is scheduled to take place in January 2019 (most likely on Australia Day like it was this year), and we can only do it if we all come together a one big community to support each other. Here is what the Hay Run is all about : Mates helping mates!

From the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners Youtube Channel.

How You Can Help?

  • Support #hayrunners posts:

    You may have seen posts with the #hayrunners tag featured by @teamaustralia, @gohba.handcraftts, @mrsquiggle, @scooter77, @quochuy, @ryivhnn, @jk6276, @bearone, @vincy, @kaelci, @steemulant, and a growing community of #hayrunners fundraisers. These authors have put up #hayrunners posts, and are donating their liquid post rewards form their #hayrunners post to @teamaustralia, to go towards the #hayrunners fundraising grand total. By supporting #hayrunners posts with an upvote or resteem, you are already helping us towards reaching our goal of $2500 AUD.

  • Make a donation

    Every 0.001 STEEM or SBD adds up, and helps us reach our goal. If you have a few spare STEEM or SBD lying around, why not make a donation to the @teamaustralia account. All donations to that account will be added to the #hayrunners total. No donation is too small, and all contributions are greatly appreciated.

  • Enter #hayrunners raffles and competitions

    Keep an eye out on the #hayrunners feed for any raffles of competitions related to the #hayrunners fundraising appeal, and enter to win some fantastic prizes. There has already been a 2018 STEEM SILVER Round, @steembasicincome shares, and upvote prizes on offer. I'm sure there are a few more excellent prizes in the pipeline for you to get in on! Hey, you could even run your own raffle!!

  • Make your own #hayrunners post, and donated the liquid rewards

    If you like, you can join in the fundraising drive by posting using the #hayrunners tag, and donating the liquid post rewards from the post to @teamaustralia. One of the easiest ways to raise funds is through post rewards as it really costs you very little, and your rewards from a single post can go a long way to helping us reach our target. Your post doesn't need to be about the Hayrunners. It could just be one of your regular daily or weekly posts, which you decide to donate the liquid rewards from. It is completely up to you how you choose to support the fundraising drive.

What Do You Get Out Of This?

Exposure! Exposure here on Steem by reaching people you may not otherwise encounter by, using the #hayrunners tag, and hopefully STEEM gets some good exposure by making a real-world difference ,and helping with the Hay Runners hay run. Our fundraising effort also goes towards getting a big banner to drape across the truck(s) that we manage to sponsor. The banner will be a STEEM - and @teamaustralia - related, and will be reusable for any other STEEM and @teamaustralia promotional events in the future, which will hopefully grab the interest of anyone who sees our banner. The extra support you receive on the #hayrunners post will hopefully see you rewarded with some extra STEEM POWER in your rewards too. That's the great part of a community getting together to support each other; we all benefit while working together towards a common goal.

What Do I Get Out Of This?

Pretty much the same as you do. I get no more rewards than anyone else, I donate my liquid post rewards for my #hayrunners posts, and any other donations or raffle tickets sold to the @teamaustralia account. I have put up a 2018 STEEM Silver Round already, and posted it off to the lucky winner, @just2random, and I'll be putting a second coin up for grabs fairly soon... so look out for that one, you may have already qualified for an entry to win it....

From today, as a commitment to helping us reach the $2500 goal, I am donating half of any liquid rewards from any post I publish, and all the liquid rewards from my #hayrunners posts towards the #hayrunners fundraising effort, until we have successfully sponsored our first truck. I'll probably spend most the the remainder on raffle tickets anyways.... I want this to happen, and I'm committed to helping out as much as I can. It may not be a lot, but they need it more than I do.

You can reach my on Discord if you'd like to chat with me about anything too. I am @bmj#8660, drop me a line anytime.

Get Involved

Don't be fooled by the January 2019 hay run date. There is a lot of work to do to reach our target of $2500 AUD, and the earlier we get the, the stronger our position will be when the time comes, to hopefully sponsor a truck, and maybe even a second!! If we all work together we can reach, and surpass our greatest expectations.

Community in action is far more powerful than you realize, so let's do this together!!

This is a #hayrunners post

All liquid post rewards for posts I publish using the #hayrunners tag, including this one will be donated to the @teamaustralia #hayrunners fundraising drive.

#hayrunners banner dsigned by @bearone

Team Australia, Team South Africa, and The Alliance banners by @bearone

My Awesome Upboks by @ryivhnn

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Keep up the good work mate. I'm not posting much these days so I just sent a donation.

How much has come in so far? Are you doing a running tally?


Thanks mate. @quochuy is working on an update with running #hayrunners totals on his @steemulant reports. Basically all that is in the @teamaustralia liquid wallets, and savings will go towards the Hay Runners. We were almost half way until STEEM took a nosedive, so hopefully it bounces back a bit before Jan. Still a way to go, but with everyone's help we'll get there. Thanks for the donation too!!


Nice. Maybe you should just call for SBDs? At least it's relatively stable and in a couple weeks it will probably be the liquid part of our post rewards again.


SBD would be the most stable, and a good option. I'm happy for anyone to give whatever they want, SBD or STEEM. Hopefully we see a STEEM rally and can get to our target sooner. If the rally is strong, then having some STEEM in the bank could be what gets us over the line as well. whatever it is, it all helps.


I know the STEEM price is down, but it might be worth converting to SBDs so that your Fundraiser doesn't have a Currency Speculation element to it.

Just my 2 cents.


I see your point. I'll check with the team and see what they think. Like you said, we'll probably be getting SBD in our rewards soon anyway. Maybe having it all in SBD will make it easier to measure our progress too.

Great work @bmj on keeping this ball rolling to get us to the target.

Just a quick reminder that my raffle will close in 3 days. Check out this update post or the original post for more details. 12.2 STEEM raised so far.


Great job @jk6276! That's awesome 12.2 and counting..... I think you have my second batch of ticket numbers a bit off.. may want to check that ;)

Thanks for the support, and for running the raffle to keep things going.


Fixed now, thanks for pointing that out, I had missed my typo completely.

Solid work mate! Sent a few Steem to the account :)


Thanks mate! Much appreciated!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

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Keep up the good work team and remember we will be bringing hope for many farmer's and the livestock they have. We can rebuild and give hope. Such a good cause.

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What a wonderful project @bmj Will resteem this post and have a closer look tomorrow at how I can support @hayrunners to make a difference. Our farmers are the backbone of the country and my heart goes out to them.