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What is Hawk Network?

Hawk Network is the world’s foremost spread smart Internet of Things, combining advantage computing and blockchain technologies to provide businesses with a new creation of IoT technology infrastructure using reduced access prices and more efficient accessibility. Hawk Network is based on smart hardware, uses large data engineering as the beginning point, balances generation and environmental elements with blockchain dispersed books, and ultimately recognizes the objective of international Web of Things. By altering the new financial model, the Hawk Network unites digital ID and multiple encryption technologies to empower wise terminals, IoT companies, and consumers to move unimpeded from the Hawk Network system, ensuring advantage and data protection.

Backed The Biggest Company In The World

UB.GROUP is a large scale Web of Things, along with a wise travel multinational firm with 30 million consumers, also functions in dozens of cities across the world. UB.GROUP has powerful R&D capacities in smart hardware, Web of Things, and blockchain. Kakao is a Korean societal giant with 50 million consumers.

hawk network partner

Kalytn is Kakao’s blockchain system, which comprises the world’s greatest blockchain technology and company team. UB.GROUP and Kakao are extremely optimistic regarding the evolution of the next generation of Web of Things, particularly the combo of edge computing technologies, 5G engineering and blockchain technology. They think the next generation will deliver the international Internet of Things into some brand new level that is different.

How can blockchain unite with the Internet of Things?

The IoT and blockchain are very intricate. To confront countless devices using different computing ability, it’s required to fix the issues of interoperability, safety, privacy and benefits of heterogeneous systems. To resolve these issues, Hawk Network implements a three-step Strategy as below:

1. UPOS consensus algorithm
It’s more fitting for the distributed Internet of Things. UPOS was made to fix the drawbacks of conventional DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism. By way of instance, the agent nodes of block creation in DPOS mechanics are comparatively fixed, which is hard to satisfy the requirements of complex blockchain structure on the Web of Things. The development of UPOS would be to indicate a random turning mechanism of proxy rights and interests consensus.

2. Sub-chain structure to achieve cross-chain interoperability
Due to unique situations and requirements, so as to achieve communication between heterogeneous systems, Hawk Network doesn’t embrace a frequent chain related to all nodes, but enables heterogeneous devices to create an internal system, and eventually connect to a large backbone system to accomplish connection with other networks. Hawk Network adopts chain-in-chain structure to fix the interconnection issue of heterogeneous networks.
There’s a single principle series, and there are several distinct subchains on the primary chain. Throughout the chain-in-chain strategy, the sub-chains of distinct situations serve various needs. By way of instance, sub-chains working on devices with feeble storage may use Mimble-like Wimble structure to decrease storage; subchains focusing on payment situations may not have to run intelligent contracts. These various chains will need to transmit electronic assets and conditions. Cross-chain protocols can reach interoperability between chains. Obviously, in Addition, It must consider the Effect on cross-chain functionality and safety consequences.

3. Trusted Computing Environment Empowers the Internet of Thing
Hawk Network has enhanced the technologies of IoT to ensure it is mobile, trustworthy and service big anonymous collections. Afterward, on the assumption of based on a reliable computing environment, cryptographic applications will be utilized to apply lightweight privacy protection smart contracts. Therefore, the IoT could be enabled with blockchain and edge computing technologies. When the technology is older and the issues of functionality, interoperability, price, privacy, safety and so forth are resolved, trusted IoT comes with a higher likelihood of getting the second trigger point of their blockchain.
For that reason, it can foster the evolution of this IoT, create the IoT to finally turn into the mainstream, and finally bring more suitable, secure and credible solutions to individuals through technologies and incentive mechanism.

The Team On Board

Hawk Network’s core group has several years of expertise in Internet operations and has been launched in October 2018. Ever since that time, Hawk Network has been recruiting excellent technology programmers for the Internet of Things and traveling. At Precisely the Same time, the group has been on the Lookout for partners around the globe and has attained strategic alliance with outstanding companies from the spread economy.

hawk core team

Project links

Website | Dapp Website | Whitepaper |Telegram |Twitter

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