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What is the true and legal way to transfer money?

Foreign exchange is the methodology of exchanging the currencies. It is the system that deals in the currencies of the other countries at international level. It is enjoying a successful trade these days and it has spread at the broad level. It is the procedure that is different from the equity market. It is the methodology where currencies are dealt effectively around the clock. Do you know the value of the currency increases or decreases as per the change in the market? This exchange of currency is the way that tells the rate of the currency of a country in the global market. 

What is Hawala?

This is an informal and old system to transfer money from India and other countries to the areas round the globe. It is kind of informal way of sending money. The migrant workers still use this way.  

Is it safe to use Hawala?

Hawala facilitates the users to send money with the rate exchange rate. It makes the flow of money easy between formal banking to poor countries. The foreign exchange market is based on the success of the trade. The liquidity of the currency decides to increase or decrease the rates and values. All these things decide the exchange rates of the currency in the global market. It is the procedure in which the market is open 24 hours with incredible liquidity for the whole day and night. In this way a consumer and the trader are always free to utilize the facility and can do business as per their decisions. The variation in currency rates is feasible for the traders to purchase or sale the currency according to their profits. 

Underground Banking Hawala

Yes, it is referred as the underground banking. The money lauders use this way to take the advantage. This is the way through which people do not have to pay taxes on this money transfer system. It gives anonymity in all transactions because it does not have official records. 

This is the world of opportunities where a trader uses to invest for boosting the profit. It gives you the chance to enjoy the profit in bigger size by investing at the broad level. In this way you will be able to get the greatest income and expansion of the business without getting the influence of the other factors. The foreign exchange trading is the golden opportunity to earn maximum in very short time. 

Difference between Currency and Money

There is a difference between money and currency. Money is a tangible item and the currency is not actual money. Both are used as the medium of exchange. In the old days, money is formed with metals like gold, metal or brass. Today, these are found in the paper form. There are several types of currencies in the market in the form of digital currency. It is used in the digital business as the medium of exchange. This is called cryptocurrency. This is a new asset class that is utilized to allow decentralized applications. 

What is Hawala Today?

It is Peer to peer crypto fiat currency. You can call it P2P peer-to-peer money. There is no need to get this currency from any authority, government or bank. A user can perform the transactions automatically. From any network, it can be purchased very easily and it acts as traditional money. It has many supportive benefits because it gives exciting payment that the other payment systems do not cover. The price of the bitcoins fluctuate rapidly, it means you have to use this currency quickly. This is the sign that you cannot save cryptocurrency for the long time. This is an important feature of this currency that makes it different form traditional currency.

15% Accumulation of Interest

In the start, Hawala tokens are available in the wallet accumulate 15% interest. There is a rapid decrease in this rate and it drops to 7.25% annually. 

Rapidly explore Nearby Sellers and buyers

You can use simple and instant app for this purpose. 

Anti-Money Laundering Screening

The verified users are able to use this system and can do transactions over USD 600.

Entirely Anonymous Interactions

The ethereal platform keeps your privacy secured. 

App For Hawala

You need to put the currency in the circulation. For buying this currency, you can easily avail the third-party service like maintaining bitcoin wallets, creating safety and Coinbase.

Regulated broker

Multiple funding process

Multi-lingual support team

Segregates accounts 

Account in ten base currency


If you attain online bitcoin wallet, then it becomes easy to earn bitcoins. It is easy to get from Coinbase. Some other providers are also available for this purpose. By signing up with LocalBitcoins, a user can easily get bitcoin wallet. Be careful about money, because every wallet is not safe. 

Cash Card

It allows the users to buy tokens HAT with fiat currency. You need to enter the code, and will get the required amount. You can avail it as mobile prepaid card.

IFS Incentive for Sake

It integrates incentive for Stake algorithm. For mass adoption, it creates organic demand. Holder can earn from 15% to 7.27% after a decade. 

Unstopable tax protest and Censorship resistance

The bitcoins are easy to move because users can put their wealth in circlutaion by using their individual sovereignty. They use this decentralized money. This contains illicit drugs and online storefront selling pornography and other black marketing activities.  On the cryptocurrency there is no implementation of tax. It means you can save and use your wealth and can save it from the inflation. On the other hand, the Fiat currency faces all these issues of taxes and inflation. Recession with high unemployment occurs due to the decrease in supply of money. If there is increase in money supply is slow then interest rate will be increased by the Federal Reserve System.

Over the previous several years, there has been a long discussion concerning the world’s development towards the cashless community. There are several prominent differences between cryptocurrency like bitcoin and the traditional currency.


Name: Hawala token

Symbol: HAT

Decimal: 12

Contract Address:   0xc3972ac283b3a7a56125674631a5c254f7f373cf 

Initial Supply:  2,500,000 HAT 

Air Drop:  1,000,000 HAT 

Total Supply:  7,000,000 

 Website: https://hawala.today

Telegram Chat: https://t.me/hawala_chat

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hawalatoday 

Bitcoin talk forum ANN thread link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2285591

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