Haturday before the #famsdayout..teardrops of missing out someone

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It's another #famsdayout but before going to the beach I wanted to make this post for my #haturday.

I great chance for me to do it while waiting...

Just a post for haturday. I long wanted to make. I love it with this pabebe shot.

Of course its me again with a my old levis hat...given by my cousin..long been without a good time together..just missing the times I am with him...

A #teardrops for missing a great good old times with someone. missing him led me to have this haturday

A closer look with the tag post I have planned for days...

Trying to have a good shot with the outside background but can't have a good view at all...may I have this one...more time

My son just came in his bike and have a shot..thought it would make a real good shot but oh no...do we look good..lol! Don't mention it.

Next time gonna do it with another hat...I will gonna looked in my old stuff.

Personal Acknowledgement:

I just miss the person I long been being grateful for my steemit journey mam @beanz ...a great person that forever I am grateful of the good things I learned. Thank you mam.

@surpassinggoogle thank you for droping by my post with the initiation of #teardrops rewarded.

@enginewitty sir thank you for being too supportive with everyone of us in #thealliance. I love how you care about the community.

Photos are all mine.

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Am always moved by your beautiful contents, you are a genius hahaha

  ·  last year (edited)

I love your pictures. Very cute and your hat looks a bit warm for the Philippines! lol Your son is a very handsome young man, takes after his momma.

Here is hoping you and your son have a great and safe week!



Great shot sis!

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Thank you for your Post @baby07. Must be nice to live so close to the beach

family oriented race goes to filipino. thanks for this post. done upvoting it.

Really great pictures and I absolutely love your hat 🎩👍😉 looking cool my friend and cute with you and your son. I hope you are having a wonderful week and stay as you are. Cheers! 🤗

i have seen haturday before also , and i like it very much, and nice clicks.... ;-)

@adityajainxds #thealliance

Love the hat Baby! Suits you very well 😊

I do like that hat, very smart. And you elder son is a very handsome young man, you look very fine together.