Should I buy it?

in harley-davidson •  6 months ago 


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Yeah It Looks So Coool man!

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Wow wow wow!
That hair! That bike! That jacket!!
Major upgrade! Keep it all! ;-)

true dat :P

do it, if you can, just do it.

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charming hair color.

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  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Or is it all just an illusion ??


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Na, they are overrated. Better get a decent car.

have nice day.^^

When Steem is going cheap, I can think of something better to buy right now :)

@fyrstikken, It's looking awesome brother and in this picture your Hair Colour is attraction.

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A little different cup of coffee but great :-)

Should I buy it?

Why do you ask @fyrstikken, isn't it a fact that your heart has already made its decision? 🙂