2018 crypto market had me like

in hardfork20 •  9 months ago

Everyone regurgitates the same thing, HODL and buy in the dip.......... um when exactly do we reach the bottom of the dip? I feel like we are falling into Stormy Daniels vagina and none of us are getting out of this alive. How is that HODL working out for you on that $19,000 bitcoin you bought in the mania stage of a hyperwave treating you? It is about the economic equivalent of having to pay your neighbor to screw your wife I would imagine. It might not be a bad deal if your neighbor was a hot lesbian chick though if you are looking for a silver lining to this black ass cloud we are in.

Look on the bright side

hard for 20 is just around the corner so all of us can be poor together. Well all but 5 of us. They will get super rich. I look forward to starving to death with you comrads.

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