The importance of remaining unimportant.... Staying beneath the radar!

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I still don't fully understand the whole #HF21 (HF22) and the rational behind the implemented changes. I get the good intentions behind the "ideas" but the actual way its been set up has me confused!!

  • The powers that be wanted to cut down on the abuse of the reward pool, OK, I get that.....

  • They cut the post reward to a 50/50 split to, in my opinion, prevent the old "circle jerk" (self voting)....

  • The 50/50 split was meant to make people find good quality blogs and upvote them to get curation rewards.....

  • The introduction of a free "downvote" was meant to empower steemians to police themselves.....



What I've always noticed and notice even now, is that it's not "what you know, it's who you know".

What I mean by that is, it doesn't really matter how good or bad your blogs are, as long as you know a whale or 2, your post will always do well.

Ive read several mediocre blogs reaching $100+ and I've also seen several incredible blogs fetching $0.20....


So what was the point of this blog?!?!

In order for me, personally, to get my blogs noticed, I've started using #bidbots. For good or for bad, I still believe that bid bots have a place in the steemit ecosystem.

The trouble is, I've also noticed that a new form of curation trail has been set up to automatically downvote any post using these services to promote good quality content.

I find my self caught between the inevitable "rock and a hard place"!! So why I'll continue to use bidbots, I hope that I will remain beneath the radar when it comes to downvoting.

Does anyone else find themselves in this predicament?? How have you been dealing post-Hf21?

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I am one of those following the trail of downvoting posts which used bidbots.

Too many posts where the reward comes with 70%+ bought votes.

I assume the medicore posts you are talking about with 100$+ are some of those.

Downvoting is giving back to everyone. Upvoting is taking from everyone.

I also use downvoting and think it has its place. I'm a bit afraid to start downvoting the large whales, that I feel post rubbish, for fear of being picked on with DVs that would wipe my account value.

understandable but this problem was there before the hardfork as well.

I think to have the option to downvote an obvious shitpost which only purpose was to send the bots there is a great thing and I hope many people join as in the grand scheme of things it is taking money of our pockets.

So do you think good quality posts, that have had time and effort put in to them, and then use bit bots to promote, should be downvote by a curation trail?

That's my fear/worry. I always try NOT to post crap. Although I'm no Shakespeare, I'd like to think my blogs are legible and can pass 5 minutes if you're sitting on the toilet and need a read.

yes they should

fuck the bots (at least most of them )

free the steem

Well im in no doubt of where you are. Hahaha

I hope that I keep producing high quality content and don't suffer your rath. 😉

I doubt you will :-)

The idea was that promotion shouldn't be free and it sure as hell shouldn't be profitable!.. Use a bidbot if you like to get your post noticed but know that you will loose money if it's not a well written post because people are out to get bidbots right now...

I agree, it's not what you know it's who you know on steemit and until things like bidbots go away that won't change because its the whales that own these bots. We continuously line their pockets with real money from a free vote being sold!?!. Selling votes was the reason @dan left and created EOS, cuz he could see how that was going to ruin the platform and it did!

I do think we an option for post promotion but it should never be free (or profitable) or you will have nothing but spam on steemit.

Honestly we (the 99%) should start a downvoting trail for all these circle jerking whales, that would help a lot of the issues on steemit because it would take away some of their power and make the community feel like they have some sway on the platform..

I understand why you want post promotion but the option of bidbots are not viable for the steem ecosystem and we know that so we have to come up with something new, we can't keep beating a dead horse...

Just one crazy hippies opinion though ;)

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