A smiling bowl, smiling stems, smiling universe to show happiness and gratitude.

in happy •  7 months ago

Smile everyone. The grapes have been eaten and their remaining stems are smiling as they know their nutrients have nourished me.

This was actually a real fluke, I did not try to place them like this. When I grabbed my bowl and turned it around, I saw the smile within the bowl, the cluster of smaller branches forming the eyes. Sometimes nature has a fun way of showing you gratitude.

This may have been inside my house,fruits that got eaten, but nature is looking at me, the universe is looking at me, and is happy that I am happy.


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Haha , may the sun always shine on you too ! Stay happy @binkyprod !! 😀👍👍👍💕


heh thanks ;)

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Woot. Two awards! How many awards? TWO!

Yes they do, and stay happy. :)


Thanks :)

They sure look as though they are smiling.


hehe yeah