World Happiness Report 2018: Which country is the happiest? At what position does your country stand?

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About Report: The happiness report is  published annually by UNSDSN (United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network). The idea of such report was first mooted by the king of Bhutan. According to him countries should be compared on the basis of how happy its citizens are. The comparison of countries on the basis of Per  Capita income or  (Gross Domestic Production) GDP doesn’t show the bigger picture. You can have good amount of money but there are still chances that you are not living a quality life. In the end its quality of life that matters and level of happiness is clearly a better indicator to measure quality of life as compared to per capita income. The main criteria chosen by UNSDSN to to define the happiness is as below

  1. Per capita GDP.
  2. Healthy life Experience
  3. Someone to count on
  4. Freedom to make life choices
  5. Freedom from corruption
  6. Genericity

The first such report was published in 2012.2018 Report:

Top Spots:

  • Finland topped the list with score of 7.632(out of 10). 
  • Norway (7.594), Denmark (7.555) and Iceland (7.495) followed the Finland.

Location of these countries on the map of Europe

  • Europe dominates the top spots in comparison to other continents as 7 out of top 10 countries are from Europe.

  • Israel (7th spot) is the only Asian country that made in top 10.
  • Though wealthiest countries snatched the top spots, there are many deviations.
  • Neither China nor USA which are the largest and second largest economy in the world are in top 10.
  • USA is on 18th while China is on 86th spot.

Other Spots:

  • Burundi is the least happy country with score of 2.905.
  • Among the last five countries, four are from Africa and one is from Asia.
  • Few other noteworthy countries
  • Germany – 49
  • UK – 19
  • Brazil – 28
  • Argentina – 29
  • Japan – 54
  • South Korea – 57
  • Russia – 59
  • Philippines – 71
  • Indonesia – 96
  • Iran – 106
  • Egypt – 122
  • Kenya – 124

Criticism of the Report

Some critics argue that happiness is a very broad idea. The 6 indicators used by (WHR) World Happiness Report are insufficient to define happiness. Some even consider the included indicator as unreliable.Some even argue that happiness is associated with individuals and associating that with group, society or nation is not apt.Conclusion: Instead of rigid, the report should be work in progress i.e. it should be strengthened continuously for better reflection of Happiness.



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