Why Grow Grass and Buy Food? #168

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Every week I spend hundreds of dollars at the grocery store to buy foods I could grow at home! What made it normal for us in the United States and other countries as insane as we are to use our beautiful topsoil to grow a completely useless crop? As people starve around the world every day, I have a yard full of grass at home and I spend money at the store to pay people in Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Ecuador to grow food for me! WTF? The problem is not somewhere else because it is in my own yard!

Once you see this, it's the most ridiculous thing in the world. If that is not enough, the most absurd thing is that at 33 years old I JUST REALIZED THIS in day 168 of Happier People Podcast! I hope this post acts as an inspiration for each of us including me to learn more about homesteading and gardening because Steem is full of beautiful posts on both of these topics which I have been frequently featuring in my upvotable posts!

Why do we grow grass instead of food?

Now, take a look at my yard.

Look at this.

This is valuable topsoil right here. This is soil that could grow hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of fruit and vegetables right here.

Now, look what I'm doing with it.

Why am I doing this with it?

Now, just think about this for a second outside of our specific situation here.

We've got all this grass, right?

Valuable topsoil.

At the same time, I eat several pounds of fruit and vegetables every day. That's apparently one of the very healthiest things to eat.

What do I do?

I literally am paying someone to cut all this grass and it doesn't look pretty, just because I'm used to seeing it and I'm used to calling it pretty in my mind.

It doesn't look pretty. It's useless.

Look at this tree right here.

This is a beautiful tree in my front yard, but it produces things that fall on the ground and require cleaning up.

Just look at this for a minute. I'm paying someone to cut the grass and manage something I don't eat and that doesn't have beauty to me because it's useless.

I'm wasting a really valuable resource and we're doing this on a massive scale. The number one crop we grow in the US is grass. If you add up all of everyone's yards, all the grass along the interstate, all the grass along all the buildings, all the grass along all the houses and apartments, our number one crop is grass.

It's ridiculous.

Not only it is ridiculous just because we're wasting all this topsoil, but then we're going in irrigating all these places that might not need to be farmed if we were actually using the land right next to our houses.

We are paying people to farm often distant places for us, and then we're paying people to cut our grass. Then, we're paying for fertilizers, we're paying for things to treat our grass, we're redding our grass, we're spending all of this time on something that's useless.

Now, you might hear people say, "Money doesn't grow on trees."

A. That's a lie. Money's made out of paper. It does grow on trees.

B. Look, I eat apples, I eat strawberries, I eat grapes and I eat peaches. Why the hell is this tree in my yard, when what I need is a tree for peaches?

What I need is a tree that drops apples. What I'd like to have is a tree that drops oranges.

Why the hell do I have a tree in my yard that drops leaves, that I pay someone to clean up, and then the person who cleans them up complains about them?

Do you see what I'm getting at?

This is absurd.

You want to know how absurd it is?

We're doing this all over the country. This is what people all over the whole country and in fact, you would probably be right to say that all over the world, not in every certain place, but lots of other countries are just like this.

Now yes, it's beautiful landscaping. Sure, you could say it's beautiful landscaping, but I'll tell you what really would make this beautiful.

I have a pineapple every day in my smoothie. What really would make this beautiful are pineapples.

350 pineapples, that's what would make this beautiful.

I've got a pretty big yard here and I could literally put pineapples in pots. I have room to put hundreds of pineapples. They don't need a whole lot of work.

I have room for hundreds of pineapples in my yard. You know what would be beautiful about that?

Those pineapples cost $2, $3 or $4 each. Not only that, but the pineapples I buy are coming from Costa Rica. That means someone in Costa Rica is growing a pineapple, doing all the work to get that pineapple sent, shipped all the way from Costa Rica to Florida where I live.

Why am I paying someone to do what I could do in my front yard?

You might say, "Jerry, it'd be a lot of work to just do farm all these pineapples."

I could pay someone to help me.

In fact, I could probably pay the same I'm paying for my grass. I could pay the same $100 or whatever something a month. I could pay for that same help and instead of having useless grass in my yard, I would be saving $3 a day.

Yes, the pineapples take a year to grow, but just over the long term, I'd be saving $3 a day. That's a $100 a month or so I would be saving by having a pineapple literally growing for free in my yard.

Not just that, I could switch this tree out. I realize the tree might not go overnight, but plant a few trees and give it a few years and I'd have all kinds of fruit just falling down. The fruit would literally fall into my yard. I could go pick the fruit up, and eat it.

Now, that is really cool.

You know how much my grocery bill is at Publix every day?

My grocery bill is $100 plus in fruit and vegetables every four days. That's $25 a day and about $700 a month I'm spending on fruits and vegetables.

Now, I bet I could save at least half of that and pay someone maybe twice as much as I do to cut my grass and I could literally grow that in my front yard.

Because I live in Florida, I can grow stuff year-round here. It might be a little too hot in the summer. Yes, I might have to research how to plant things, but you see, I could literally save several hundred dollars a month in the exact same place I have my grass.

Now, how many of us are going around complaining about not having enough money?

Here's an opportunity.

Plant the fruit you want to eat in your yard and grow it.

Instead, what are we doing?

I know people that spend just like me, or like my in-laws, hundreds of dollars a month. They spend a whole bunch of time and energy cutting all these things in their yard that don't produce anything.

Meanwhile, they're going to work, doing jobs that often they'd rather be doing something else.

Put all this together for a minute. Just add all this up.

Going to work, doing jobs that are boring, that we don't have passion about. Meanwhile, we're paying someone else to grow our food.

We're paying someone else to do a job that is boring for them, that they're not passionate about like picking and managing pineapples for me in Costa Rica every day.

I think it'd be a lot of fun and I think I'm going to end up getting into gardening because it's so practical.

Now, here's the problem, though, there's always some limitation. I don't own this house, so I can't just do all I want.

I don't know if it'd be a good idea to just go ahead and put 500 pots of pineapple all over the front yard or go into the backyard here and just drop hundreds of pots of pineapple in there.

I could research and find the exact perfect crop to grow. I could figure out exactly what would grow best in Florida and how to take care of it.

Then, another thing is that we rent these houses or apartments where we can't even do anything with them.

The owners of my mom's house live off in another state. The owners of my house live in a different part of the state. We have these owners who don't even live here who are telling us what we can do, and if that's not bad enough, then we have homeowner's associations that tell us that we have to have our grass cut.

Then, we have homeowner's associations that we have to pay in order to live in that neighborhood or they can file a lawsuit or put a lien on the house. I would not live somewhere with a homeowner's association like that because that's insane.

We live in these places then, where people tell us what we can do with the land, and if you live where there is a homeowner's association, you actually own a house, but some other group of people tells what you can do with it. You have to have your grass cut a certain way.

Now, how insane is that?

You own the house and you're forced to grow a crop that doesn't produce anything for you. You're forced to pay money to maintain that crop, which you get by going to a job you don't like and that you complain about every day. Then, you go to the store and complain about your grocery bill, when really you could stop going to the job you don't like at least a lot of hours.

You could spend your time at home growing your own crops and getting joy out of making food that you are actually going to eat.

My mother-in-law grows in her backyard and I've enjoyed eating the kale she's growing for me, the peppers and the paprika. I've enjoyed eating what's she's grown for me. It means something that my mother-in-law grew this for me and that's cool.

Why do we grow grass?

It's insane.

Why do we plant trees that don't drop fruit?

It's insane.

This is crazy.

This whole thing is absurd.

I'm grateful that someone mentioned this to me and I just latched onto it. I'm grateful to be able to see out of the matrix today, that every house must have grass and must have trees.

I'm grateful to see in more practical terms. We think that something like this is luxury. We look around and say, "This is luxury."

"Look, I have so much wealth, that I can literally grow a crop that's useless, pay someone to maintain it, and then have some other poor guy in some other part of the world who then does my farming for me and ships it thousands miles to get to my house."

"That's how rich I am."

"I can waste the most valuable resources all around me and waste more time getting them cut, and then make someone do work for me in another part of the world."

"That's how rich I am."

That's why we really grow grass.

If I had to put an answer on it, that's why we really grow grass.

"Look how rich I am! I don't need to farm."

That's insane.

The same people who've got grass in their yards are also complaining about their jobs, complaining about not having enough money and they are wasting it, just as I'm wasting it.

But see, the trick is to notice this first because once you see this, there's no going back. When I walk around and see all these yards in my neighborhood, I see that there are beautiful lawns that people have worked hard on, but you know what?

I also see a horrible waste.

I see unnecessary extravagance.

I see an atrocity, wasting this topsoil on grass, planting trees that don't drop fruit, paying people across the world to bring me things I could grow myself next door, paying people to cut something that doesn't produce.

I also see the atrocity behind this now.

A gigantic waste, that if even just a small percentage of us turned our grass into farmland and cut back on some of our other extravagant habits, like eating meat and animal products at every single meal or most meals, would allow everyone in the world almost effortlessly to eat.

We wouldn't have to have people starving to death. There are probably 10 or 20 people who've starved to death while I've been making this video. You might think that I'm completely isolated, but I think about these things. There are probably 10 or 20 people who've taken their own lives while I'm making this video.

Our world is so insane that one of the most reasonable things to do is rebel. You can make a gentle rebellion like stop paying your homeowner's association fee or let your grass grow.

I let my grass grow out, it gets long and I don't care. I'm the yard that people look around in my neighborhood and say, "God, that guy's yard looks like crap."

I'm the threshold that helps everyone else feel better about their yard, that they've spent so much time and energy on, or money on, to make it look better than mine, even though our yards equally produce nothing. You might argue that I'm coming out farther ahead because I put less energy and spend less money on maintaining my useless yard.

"Well, Jerry, your daughter could play on the grass."

She could play in a pineapple or an orange grove, just as well. Even at two years old, she could go pick up all those oranges or apples falling off a tree. She could do some really useful work, instead of just playing around in there with plastic toys. She wants to do something useful.

I think it's important that we look at these things and see the world that we're really making, and the world we could make because most of our problems inside, our pain that we feel is a reflection of what we're doing and ignoring.

We're doing gigantic, hugely wasteful, cruel things, but we're not doing them directly in front of us. We're often doing them by the choices we make in what we buy, the things we make and the decisions we make to buy things at the store, the decisions we make to buy a house in a neighborhood with a homeowner's association that requires you to grow your grass.

These decisions we're making are creating the pain and suffering in our lives. If we see them, then we have a chance to overcome them.

I hope this is useful for you today because there's no going back once you've unplugged and realized, "Oh my god, this is ridiculous. Forget global warming, I'm wasting the environment right now."

I love you.

You're awesome.

Thank you very much for experiencing this episode of Happier People Podcast with me, which was originally filmed as the video below!

The feedback on the video was so positive that I spent about $100 to get this post created for you here out of the video, and then edited it prior to publishing! I appreciate you being here and I hope you have a wonderful day today.

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The answer is pretty simple. Lawns cost people money and keep them dependent on others. Gardens do the opposite. We are programmed from an early age to be dependent. Most people never break out of that programming.

@grow-pro is here on Steemit working hard to reverse that programming. If anyone is looking for a quality person to follow that will freely teach them what they need to know, he's you guy! We should all be growing our own food.

The economy has already fallen off the cliff. We are just waiting to strike the ground. You had better be prepared for when that happens too. Don't depend on outside systems to feed yourself, keep yourself warm, or protect yourself.

Self-sufficiency is a great feeling and one that I wish to help more people to experience. Growing food on your own is a rewarding endeavor and one that teaches us constantly. It's a skill that grows with what we grow. If just 1/4 of the people out there with large lots of grass could transform that space into edible food - would we have as many starving people in this world? I don't think so and I'll explain why.

Take for example how I've grown thousands of pounds of food on less than 1/15th of an acre. This is about 5% of my "lawn". I still cut grass for 4 hours yesterday and would spend more per week than I spend on our family of 4 at the grocery store, to have the grass cut by a professional. I cut my own hair to save money, so you can safely assume I prefer to care for my property.

Just growing food in a few thousand square feet, I'm able to feed my family, my neighbors, friends, and hundreds of happy locals. We are talking about just a fraction of an acre. Imagine what a few acres here and there would do to impact the community you live in. Imagine how many people might have healthy, fresh food because a useless crop (grass) was transformed into a garden. Would that reduce hunger? Absolutely, it would. Imagine that on a grand scale...

I want to share my experience and knowledge with anyone with open ears. Thanks to @finnian for inviting me to this wonderful platform and for the kind words! He's right, I will freely share all that I know.. I love it and I thrive on sharing my knowledge. To see the progress that has been made from my attempt to change the "programming", now accompanied by many more people spreading the message - I cannot wait to see the shift that will come in the future. It will happen.

If you're unsure how you can begin gardening on your property, have no space (or so you think), or feel you lack the knowledge and resources - Let's chat. I would be happy to help anyone that desires to learn and grow. Nothing is impossible and there's always a way. I started a series just for Steemit and I am working toward showing more people that they can not only grow their own food, but they can profit greatly from doing so. Not everyone wants to make their own food, so that leaves a ​great opportunity for those who do.

We are talking about skills that can save you money and possibly save lives. Growing food requires a skill that not everyone possesses, but that's simply a choice that we all make. If you are interested and have no idea where to start - please ask!!

I really appreciate this message @jerrybanfield and I truly believe it will generate a lasting change if more people understood that they have the power! 🔥🚀

Yea man doomsday is coming.

I wouldn't call it that. I'd call it the "Greater Depression." ;-)


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Followed, but please stop yelling at me! haha (All caps) What can you tell me about oatmeal?!

very good

Oatmeal is very good. All caps does not have to mean yelling. It can mean a title. In my header here on STEEMIT, I use caps to make the text easier to read. I do not like the kind of fonts used in my header and it is hard to read in lower caps.

I'm just pointing out that most people online consider walls of capital letters yelling. You're going to turn people off with a profile blurb in all caps. Good luck!

Those people can go back to reading What Happened by Hillary Clinton.

here in Spain, Europe many of us live in apartments because real-state is so expensive compare to what we earn ... you gays are luky that can have grass in the front yard and a garden in the back. It take time and effort, just like anything valuable in life

Your article was resteemed, so I got it in my feed. I read it with much interest because I like your idea. It's difficult to do what you would want to do, so I suggest you start small, with fruit trees, (raspberries are also very easy) and some summer foods, like tomatoes, lettuce and beans and especially all kinds of herbs. There must be a place in your garden where you can plant these, even when the house is rented.

Remember most fruits and vegetables are ripe at the same time, so don't grow too much otherwise you have to give it away, which is good, or use a freezer (not for lettuce etc.) but a freezer needs electricity, which is not good for the environment.

So try vegetables like leek, red beets, garlic. You can store them in a cool and dark place or leave them in the earth until you want to eat them. They are easy and don't take too much time.

I have a little vegetable garden in my garden in France (Burgundy). During the winter I live in an apartment in Rotterdam, so no garden there. But I like to work in my garden, grow some vegetables etc. The joy is to go out in the evening, pick a crop of lettuce and prepare it. It tastes so good!! With some of my own tomatoes and garlic

The best advice I can give you is: Start small, try different vegetables and fruit trees and enjoy eating your own food.

I upvoted you and will follow you from now on, to see how things develop. Good luck!!

Jerry, I couldn't agree more. I know they make their living doing this for us but if we only grew a fraction of what we consumed, that would be a phenomenal leap forward in a self sustaining economy. Thanks for the input. upvoted and resteemed. would appreciate a follow.

Hi ,
Thanks for sharing

Everybody, plant gardens. Buy solar panels. Collect rain water. We want more land rights. Sometimes, government tells us what we can and cannot do on our own land. Tell people about that. People were arrested for collecting too much rain water. We should be allowed to grow more and to build more and to do more of whatever we want on the land we buy and own.
Share your values of what you love with people each day. Use it or lose it. That is how it works. That is how things get better for society, for humanity. Revolution and change starts with the Michael Jackson man in the mirror and it spreads to family, friends, community, country, and then to the whole world. We can have grass if we want. We do not have to do anything with land. But if we want to, then we should and it would be better if we at least tried to do more with what we have.

It also doesn't help that many communities ban front yard gardens very few places can you have a front yard one. But I totally agree with you. I been renting for the last few years as we had to relocate and we didn't want to buy without knowing the city we were living in, didn't want to buy in a bad area. We are now about ready to build a house on some land we bought and one of the plans is next year is to grow some of our own food. Raise chicken and rabbits. And become less dependent on the grocery store once again. And when it does come to shopping at the grocery store I am cheap, I only buy stuff one sale and that I have coupons and or rebates for. And if I can stack the savings even better. I spend less than $250 for food each month but we eat about 3 times that amount but because of being cheap I get a lot of the money I do spend.

I can see that it is obvious you a racist and a bigot. You just don't want to pay the people in Costa Rica to grow your pineapples.

What have you got against Costa Rica man?

Why the huge tirade to bankrupt that nation?

What have they ever done to you to make you so angry at them?


Tongue in cheek. Just like your post.

Grow your own food, grow more than you need, share with others, sell some, rinse and repeat. You really do have to ask yourself, "Why do I live like this?".

I feel like everyone could easily grow fruit or vegetables in their gardens, but a lot of it comes down to convenience though unfortunately!

There's also other issues as well aside the lack of time or space. For instance, many people these days just don't know how to garden. While this is easy to correct with a bit of research (or a helpful neighbor), it still raises the bar a bit and makes the overall gardening experience less enjoyable for those still figuring out the process.

Thank you Tomas for commenting and upvoting so many of my posts along with your vote for witness at https://steemit.com/~witnesses !

I agree with you, my yard in South Africa looks terrible. However in the middle of winter I bought a "bargain" fig tree for R99. Spring has now sprung and virtually overnight there are a whole lot of beautiful green leaves on this cheapie tree. All it took me was a bit of water. I have also planted two red pepper plants. I have never really spent time in the garden as I used to play a lot of sport. Now I can't play sport so the garden is a nice thing to potter around in with my pets

Fig trees grow fast when watered well (!)
I grew up with one in the back yard; it was a huge tree after 10 years.. and the figs were amazing.

I will DEFINITELY do that, Green Leaves are such a beautiful sight, especially in Spring

As long as we are allowed, legally, to plant more, we should.

Great post. Things that make you go, hmm.

For people in Florida interested in turning their yards into a food forest, I know a guy. :) He's in the Tampa area, but ships some stuff, and has a product called Food Forest In A Box. Pete Kanaris is his name, and GreenDreamsFL dot com is his website. Justin Rhodes featured Pete on his YouTube channel, and Pete is full of information about plants and converting land into food production.

And if your landlord won't let you plant anything other than grass, Pete shows that you can increase a property's value by 25% by using an edible permaculture design. Apologies for the YouTube video automatically being embedded.


This is plain and simple laziness or more like convenience. Why do you put lawn on your back yard instead of a garden? Lawn is easier to maintain, just mow it every time it gets too long. A garden on the other hand takes time to maintain and you need to maintain it look after it to get a good produce. Now if you are all working from 8 am to 5 pm or 7 pm with overtime, what do you think is going to happen to your garden.
We had a garden in our backyard once, lots of tomato, spuds, beans and asian veges. That was possible because the missus was not working and she have the time to look after the garden making sure everything is healthy.
Trees are different story, because once a tree is fully grown not much maintenance and will give you fruit once or twice a year depending on the fruit tree
Some people do make it work. They go to their work come home and tend to their gardens.

Hi Jerry,
Its a pity your fertile soil only grow grass. I live in a city in Borneo, I can grow crops on public land owned by the municipal council from my house's fence to the road. By the way, I saw some palm tree near your place. IMHO you can replace it with coconut tree which can grow fast from an old coconut and try cassava, that is also another plant that can grow very fast without fertilisers.

Here in Florida they tend to prosecute people for growing food in their lawns, at least in the front yard. There are many examples of this happening, but it's getting better - in my town you can even raise chickens in the suburbs!

I don't see coconut much in St Pete - maybe, but there are plenty Ft Myers and south. Our soil is not so fertile as you'd think - very sandy! But nothing a little compost won't fix.

If you'd like a super easy start, I recommend the purple-leaf sweet potato, mustard greens, and mulberries. But there's obviously much more. September is the perfect time to plant beans, summer squash, and cherry tomatos around here. Probably cucumbers too!

And I'm over here trying to go to the grocery store more and not eat out. You're 5 steps ahead of me.

I'm a little torn up about this post @jerrybanfield as I am not allowed in my city to plant vegetables in my front yard so I have an apple tree and plant herbs that flower to get around the bylaw. My husband also cuts lawns to assist with the family income so less lawns also means less work for him. Hopefully next spring I will be able to install a green house in the backyard as the bunnies eat everything that I plant. I have only one large sunny window inside to plant things.

I usually agree with what you write ... in this case it really does not make much sense...everything you write as bad I can summarize in a few words ...I could sum it up in one really: EVOLUTION
but I will give you another: division of labor and movement of the economy
At first primitive man to subsist all, absolutely all engaged in hunting and fishing...and that's why they were nomads
they suddenly discovered that if they threw seeds to the ground they grew and could survive this way and they became sedentary
when we began to improve the ways of cultivating and harvesting began to have better and more food without the need for the whole family to devote to it
then some of the men went to harvest and others had the opportunity to do other things ... for example to trade, work for others, make inventions, write books, create the internet, or live writing in steemit
you want to grow fruits, you can do it, you could even get extra money, but it would not be your way of life
and if you grow herbs and trees that produce nothing but enjoy seeing them and paying another to keep them you producing work and the economy moves ... and that to which you paid that person use that money to buy and keep moving the economy
of course my explanation is very basic...we could write hours and hours of theme
the world spins, man evolves and the world keeps spinning

you have interesting grass, my grass is green as well.

I like to play in the grass. We can use the grass for play.

@jerrybanfield i really appreciate your contribution to steemit i have just voted you as my proxy witness. I really trust your votes.

Sometimes is just the time we don't have to do this homestead @jerrybanfield. But we will steem to get out of the situation and get time.

Could we rent our land to others and let them plant gardens on our yards?

Yeah !!!!!

jerry nice post keep it up followed and upvoted you

This is why I moved out of the city 5 years ago. We live off grid and grow a LOT of a our own food. I love my garden! Plus I make extra money selling the seeds of the produce I grow. It's like growing your own money!

Grow less grass and more veggies!

Very interesting. Can you fully sustain yourself just by growing your own food?

Even pioneers needed to trade and barter for goods and services they needed. Nobody is or can be 100% self sustainable and thrive easily. We grow much of our own food because we know its healthier for us and reduces cost. But we still buy stuff at the store.

Always eat food that produces seeds. Some food no longer have working seeds. Some seeds will not reproduce due to GMO and stuff. So, it is always good to be as organic as possible. Good work.

By growing your own food you truly are regaining somewhat freedom, because the system has made you a slave to corporations. You cant survive without the food industry basically, YOU NEED THEM. So regain some freedom and health, no pesticides and its free apart from some labor "which you are doing for yourself". Plus you are helping thousands of species that are affected by pesticides that big corps use to gain high yields i.e more profit, they don't care about your health or animals and insects health, there is no morality in buisness nowadays its all about profit.


How many plants and foods are seedless? More than we know. They genetically modify (GMO) food to not reproduce seeds or to have dead seeds in order to make us come bck to them. And the medicine world hook us on drugs, on medicine, and they profit trillions of dollars each years. But we do better with natural remedies in more cases thank we think and it saves us so much money to go green and to have gardens and stuff. I eat garlic each day.

Yes company's like Monsanto are trying to dominate the world market with our precious gift from mother earth seeds. Best medicine is to eat healthy, but they wont tell you that they wanna give you antibiotics instead. A cured patient doesn't make them any money.

The statement that big corps has high yields is false. I live in GMO farm country and the GMO crops produce less yields than their organic counter parts. It is why so many organic farms are popping up in green house structures to prevent the cross pollination of those poisonous GMOs

if they don't spray there crops with pesticides they will have weeds growing in between crops which they don't want and bugs will eat away at there crop so they spray crops, hoping that they get better yields. Unluckily they are poisoning the ground also making the yields in time get worse because the soil is destroyed.

there are organic ways to do the same thing without chemicals yes it requires a little more labor but the results and our health is worth it

I agree with you, but most big corporations unfortunately don't.

That is true. Thanks for following me by the way @supernovaone

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Probably your neigbours would think you are crazy, but definetly that's is the most common sense. I have a garden myself, growing tomatos, beens, I have a vinegard also, plum, apple etc.

and black berries are great to grow in my state, Oregon

I used to live in Coos Bay OR and used to love picking fresh blackberries and making pies and preserves :)

I have grown vegetables and fruits for a long time in my garden. 12 bags of potatoes were collected for a day, there will be enough for the winter.

I love potatoes. I am hungry now. Great stuff. The secret garden.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Nice content @jerrybanfield really enjoyed reading it! Check out my blog maybe you could give me some advice :)

An other brilliant post , good job

Jerry for President. Make America Garden Again.

Dear friend! I really liked your post, well written. I'm asking you to go to my page and mark "like" or leave a comment in the posts. Did you like it and you subscribe to me? I will reciprocate and You will be very grateful. Thank you! :))

Not good behaviour. Be careful or people will flag u for this kind of thing

Good post..
enjoy the upvote and you can do the same...

Even though I live in a small house, I do have my plants and small garden.

Wow... I never thought of this before

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yay! Jerry reaches enlightenment at only 33!!
The world is insane yep! When u realised it u can step out and have some fun! Yeah do those pineapples! If u plant lettuce u can be eating in 8 weeks!

And once You have tasted a real tomato there's no going back! I used to work in a fruit breeding lab in the UK. We had a list of priorities for grading the fruit. Guess where taste came? How good the fruit tasted was literally last in the list of priorities. Top priority was yield! Crazy!

Don't forget to check with you city about permits :(. And maybe what's in this "top soil", former owners may have used long term pesticides and who knows what kind of chemicals, etc. Be safe.

Saludos, es cierto la soberanía alimenticia es, vitalel. Sino cuidamos nuestro sustento nos aniquilamos. 😱

Nice post

Great post to raise awareness for growing your own foods. I think there are more and more people that growing their own now and for different reasons. Like, it is healthier and better for everyone and it is cheaper to grow your own once you get started. I think some people think it is too hard or takes too much work. Yes it is work but the rewards outweigh the work by far. Even if you don't have a huge yard, you can still do it on a smaller scale. I see a lot of what once used to be farm land turned into industrial parks every day but the people that still have their farm land are still producing crops. Since you are in Florida, you have a great opportunity for growing foods all year. I hope you give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

Couldn't agree more - I'm sure you've come across Permaculture - put the effort in to convert that waste of space lawn to a productive polyculture which produces high economic value crops (which will be fruit and greens) which are low maintenance and you save yourself a shed load of time and money in the long run.

It's worth thinking about the effort-money ratio - you'll probably find that most soft fruit (blueberries) and especially spinach and rocket are so easy to grow yet cost a fortune, focus on those, whereas root veg and squash are a waste of time - they're just too cheap to GYO.

You should check out the 'growing your greens' series on YouTube, very enthusiastic guy who converted his whole yard to 'growing greens'.

Nice to know that you post about the 'real world' rather than just about 'Steemit'.

I'd also recommend getting out and getting involved with a bunch of people in yer local community - do yer lawn over in a weekend, it'll get you out of your editing studio for a couple of days!

This reminds me, I need to get started on how-to instructions for urban gardening for those who have space but can't dig in it.

My father is doing that in Florid right now. He grows seasonings, fruits and vegetables. He saves a lot of money. I plan to do the same with my yard.

This is what most people do not realize. And plus, it's healthy food.

It's just laziness, why work hard to grow and make food when you can buy it in a microwave pack at the 7 eleven. Laziness, gardening is hard work too. That's why farmers we're made out of pure powerhouse muscle back far far away in the past.

Very good, are you already ordering seeds?

Greetings to all, please vote and follow up Thank you all

I do agree with all the garden aspects you mention, as I do have 3 green houses and a large garden, however about lawn of grass....it does serve a purpose. The house is built on gravel foundations and then a layer of dirt over that of about 6 inches. The grass is used to keep the rain from rinsing the dirt down under the gravel which in turn would make the foundation crack from water running under it. This is also used to push the water table underground away from structures and toward natural drains which may resupply water sources the water company uses for public utilities. There is also septic lines on a lot of house which the grass filters out the outhouse smell by eating the runoff like a fertilizer. (I was an architectural designer in my earlier years and was taught about every aspect and reason behind land plots.) They may not be visibly noticeable but there is a purpose. Good post besides that.

Yes, homesteading is good. Replacing trees here and there is a good start as well.

I'd suggest finding heartier plants to start with and lower maintenance, so as to get some success as proof-of-concept to the rest of your family. Gardening can take a lot of time until you understand what works in your area.

In Orlando we used to have a salad garden. Bibb and Romaine lettuce, carrots, radishes, onions. Tomatoes were great but had to look out for nematodes. Other than that, central Florida is great for food.

Being willing to try new foods that grow well in your climate will be an important part of your adventure.

Depending on of you want to shield things from frost and freezing, there are lots of good plant that then come into scope.

Here in the Philippines, we grow vegetables and fruits on our backyards. It's economical :)

And my Filipino neighbors in Oregon were growing gardens, too, and I love them, and that is amazing. My mom grows gardens. I have always loved the garden people more and the garden people I have known always seem to smile more and to love life more.

it's a sad reality but true. But what makes me more sad is seeing farms turning into subdivisions, malls and factories. Gone were our childhood days where we can just climb trees to get the fruits that we want to eat in our backyard.... Gone were the days where we don't need to buy vegetables because we can just find it also in the backyard. But now? What we can see are subdivisions, factories, malls.

YES JERRY! YES! great post :)

I have a small rent house that I either had to mow myself or pay someone else to mow.

Finally got fed up with it and turned half the yard into garden!

My new renters are now paying me more than my old renters, they're eating better food and it's less work for me!

Win-Win for all involved!

Jerry You are great. Brother 👏👏💪👍

Same condition prevails here too..we are having a lawn in the frontyard and a whole lot of bushes and shrubs scattered everywhere in the backyard ..if we can utilise the land it will be fruitful but the problem is here. whatever free time we are getting, we get stick to the net,chat with friends etc..actually,we are giving preferences to these things...

Really great post. Resteemed!

it's better if we all can grow what we need for our meals at home..but we all don't have enough space for that..but yet there are still alternatives for that..but we don't pay much attention into that..we all choose the easiest way..that the unfortunate thing here..anyway nice post sir..thank you :)

My complete homestead is vegetables and fruits and my front yard is an cacti/herbal xeriscape. If you have a patch of dirt, no matter how small, you have no reason to ever go hungry 🌱

I am so glad you wrote this! It is so important to get this message out there to more people! Good timing too because I am writing a post right now about self-sustainable gardening. I am a full time homesteaders and working our way to hopefully some day have enough excess to sell as well. Growing food is probably the most important step people can take to bettering their lives. Again, thank you for writing about this very important topic!
~ Rose @wholesomeroots

@jerrybanfield, check out the design method called permaculture. In the semitropics it's an amazingly productive way to provide food for yourself. :)

I agree jerry, if you were to say that your time is worth "x" and figured how much "x" you put into a small garden i think a person would be blown away by how cost effective it is, i mean, you can even use the things you would normally consider "rubbish" to fertilize and boost your gardens productivity thus making less waste and more "profitability". Good stuff

As usual, great post !!!

You don't see much lawns here in Bulgaria, but our nature is out of this world :)


Briliant, but many people in Poland who have some ground gro their own vegetables and fruits. Highly recommended!

I enjoyed this article, sensible... really :)
I didn't wat h the video but I can imagine Jerry talking while I read over, just sayin'


Great work bro..... u are doing nice work as it also helps in fresh air production

Grow some veggies! The kids can play on the village green...

Thank you, you took what was in my heart and put it into words!! I am working to start a garden, I have a small space but I can still use it for food. Again Thank you!! You have my vote!

Since you are renting, it makes it difficult to plough up the yard and plant veggies and fruit. This only works if you have a co-operative landlord and the association where you live will allow it. My, heavens! A garden instead of grass! What are we coming to? There are places that will allow this but I don't know if there are any in Florida. But you would be amazed at what you can grow in pots on patios, porches, backyards and in driveways. $700 a month on food is a little high. Growing your own, even if it just a few plants would cut down on the cost dramatically. Perhaps you should tell the landlord that you have a new way of cutting your lawn...one that reduces the carbon foot print? How about a couple of sheep, or goats or perhaps some cute little bunnies? The response you may get could be worth it! :) Upvoted, following and resteemed.

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What's with all the negativity towards having a lawn? A well manicured lawn IS beautiful. Some of the studies that I've read even say that our lawns produce more oxygen than native trees that many of them replaced replaced.

That being said, I do think that we should all be growing something, even just strawberries or cherry tomatoes.


Food not lawns!

It's absurd the amount of wasted water used to produce living carpet for our yard. Just dumb!

The number one crop we grow in the US is grass @jerrybanfield hahahah

I completely agree with you @jerrybanfield :) my mother has pretty much lived in Las Vegas her entire life ...but after having a heart attack and after adopting my autistic niece she decided to raise her in a small town as well as slow her lifestyle down ...so she moved to a small town in northern Ca. Since moving there for a multitude of reasons ..she has been happier in her life ...and one of those resons is that her entire block...8 families have a portion of their yards growing food...and they all bring a variety of food to each other throughout the week ...in the beginning she was kinda weirded out about it ..being from Vegas she had some trust issues but now they are helping her grow food...I have a 6 month plan here then I am moving there as well...I think its great...another cool thing about it there is in surrounding towns there are lots of orchards ...growing a variety of fruit even persimmons. ..they make a nice pudding..and they allow you to take any fruit that has fallen...so people randomly just pull over to the side of the road and grab a little bag or basket of fruit...mind you these are small trusting towns ..they still have fruit stands unmanned with signs that say take the fruit and leave the money...and that's just what people do...anyway ..lol I babble alot but there's my 2 cents ..much love from Vegas !! Great Post!!

I was just looking at homesteading and i thought, "whatttt Jerry Banfield?" Money literally grows on trees. I should've added that to the common misconceptions of money ;)

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"The feedback on the video was so positive that I spent about $100 to get this post created"
$100 to create this steemit post?
Hire me!
also here's my visual effects reel
in case you want animated titles or snazzy flashy things added

Would love to see your front yard producing something useful. It's true that we waste money producing unproductive things. You have come up with something very interesting. All the best.

yeah right! my mom planted some crops on our yard and how satisfying it is that we already harvested several of it.

I love to watch when someone has that ah-ha moment, when they open their eyes and witness a reality. It's so powerful.

I'm picturing 350 pineapples in your yard. What a delicious sight that would be. I've always grown food in my yard. Being older, I guess it carried over from my grandparents victory gardens during war times.

Growing our own food is the best gift we'll ever give ourselves.

You are absolutely hysterical! Good luck with your 350 pineapple, @jerrybanfield!

Before the invention of lawn mowers only the rich in their castles and mansions could have a lawn. You would need a team of people to maintain it. It thus became a status symbol for people to have there own little bit of suburbia and a lawn. As you say it's crazy. For many years I was growing over 700KG of food in my backyard each year. Eggs, fruit, and vegetables. That's a big contribution to the families food supply. Unfortunately, damage to my spine has taken it's toll but I still like to grown what I can

"To the question of your life, you are the only answer. To the problems of your life, you are the only solution." - Jo Coudert

Great post @jerrybanfiled. There is a big majority that does not realize throughout their lives what you did at the age of 33.

This is a good question. Honestly I didn't read the whole post. Everyone that has a piece of filed can raise a little food himself. Even if you don't have it you can raise some food in pots. Anyway if it's that simple, it may be not that easy. It's really satisfing but it take knowledge, time and efford. As I said everyone can do it thought, and also we can already find some food in the nature around in some places!

I love this! I've just had this same realization within the last week! Thanks for sharing :)

I'm lazy... plus food at farmer's markets is pretty cheap in wisconsin, although there's only fresh vegetables for about 3 months. canned tomatoes at my parents house over the weekend.

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if it is true, sometimes we point out or blame others (the government) mainly this and we say that we are not starving, that everything is expensive, but we do not see beyond our histories of our courtyards. Mucchos we have the solution here, close, but we do not see it because we are thinking of the easy, that all do not give it. instead of thinking differently, in making a change and in transforming the things we have, valuing them and taking advantage of them. So we also value the work of the field. Good post. Regards!

Thanks for the article. I own a cottage house outside of Moscow region and we spend most of our weekends. I think that growing fruits and plants is fantastic experience and is so rewarding for your mind, body and soul...It does require time, energy and effort, but it pays off....Also, it's great and meaningful time spent together as a family...

Great post! I have been growing food not lawns for a year now. Its the best thing in the world. Every night before making dinner I go to the garden and see whats ready for harvest and that dictates whats for dinner. The feeling you get from growing your own food is wonderful. Thanks for this post. I feel like a lot of people are going through the same paradigm shift about yard space that you are going through. I look forward to the amazing things people are going to do with urban farming.

@JerryBanfield I am really enjoying your posts. Somehow found you and have been following your contributions. Great Work! I will keep following and upvoting. Hoping to join you as a witness in the not to distant future as well.