Happy Hanukkah 5777/2017

in hanukkah •  6 months ago

As we come in the for the last day of Hanukkah I hope everyone had a great holiday!  Hanukkah is always one of my favorite holidays of the year... The festival of lights.  Now, it's time for everyone to get great for Christmas. Oh the holiday seasons.  Seasons Greetings! 

A painting made by my daughter Morrigan and I.  We worked on it for a couple of days and finally it was ready for me to post!  It was fun and such a enjoyment to make with my daughter.  I look forward to making arts & crafts with my children every holiday.  

Another piece of art we made a few years ago together.

Does anyone else have any traditions that you do with your family and or children?

#2017 #5777 #happyhanukkah #menorah #festivaloflights #happyholidays  

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Happy hanukkah and smart holiday for @ozhiya mam..


Thanks @dini1 and I totally agree! 🙂



Happy Holidays to you and yours, @ozhiya!

happy holiday! I was actually thinking of what is @ozhiya doing nowadays, because i didn't read your blog in a while. Well, you are still doing amazing artistic stuff, what a surprise! :) :) :)


Hey there girlie! How are you doing, @purplemoon? I'm so glad you decided to to on over to my blog to check up on me! I'll have to get over and check up on you here when I get up... I was in the process of heading to bed. We gotta catch up! hugs

Thanks for stopping and commenting and supporting my post! 🙃


we live in different time zones, indeed :) we just woke up! :)) hugs

Happy culmination of the Luminary Festival, Hanukkah or The Festival of Lights. My greatest wish is that you enjoy it fully in the company of your Family. By the way, nice drawings made by you and your daughter. Congratulations, I liked them a lot.