I and many others have been trying to unravel this case which blew up on youtube in February 2015 going viral with tens of millions of views of the fragmented video disclosures of 2 young children, then 8 and 9 talking intimate and surely not coached details of satanic ritual abuse in a ring in Hampstead London...well pretty much 3 years of my life has gone into researching this and trying so far in vain to RESCUE THE CHILDREN and have the case properly investigated!

I told myself end of February 2018 is my cut off date, my children and many others begging me to step down as the pursuit of truth in this seemingly international paedophile ring has been so costly to so many. Multiple arrests, imprisonment, malicious sectioning, targetting, GCHQ CIA type Disrupt, Discredit, Destroy campaigns orchestrated both online and in real life....

Just as I attempt to comply for safety and sanity sake, an apparent breakthrough starts to manifest....a legal eagle, ex copper, and world renowned expert on parental alienation with whom I had successfully worked on an attempted Forced Adoption case, contacts me when he sees me posting about HAMPSTEAD on my facebook page with regard to the nefarious imprisonment of American Citizen Journalist RUPERT QUAINTANCE ....saying ANGIE DON´T POST ABOUT HAMPSTEAD IT WAS A HOAX, THE MOTHER FRAMED THE FATHER, I AND OTHERS WERE CONSULTED BY SCOTLAND YARD ON THE CASE....

I have reason to question his narrative, despite my admiration for his work, as he also believed Garda Sergeant MAURICE McCABE of Ireland was innocent and the victim of a smear campaign....I spent many hours taking testimony from a victim of the McCabe Brothers that strongly indicated otherwise

So I visited X and spent a couple days with him on two separate visits trying to get to the bottom of our conflicting evidence. He agreed to my publishing audio records of our long conversations, and I warned him with me saying his given name, and his accent, it would not be hard for him to be identified by nefarious opposition.

I published my findings or our brainstorming online see video outline below and ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE....he was targeted including in real life outside his family home...another campaigner referred to was also targeted to distraction, and bluffed in to believing I had released her name when I had NOT.....I returned the audio conversations to PRIVATE but we all know they had likely been downloaded by then.

A GOOD friend and HUGELY respected researcher suggested that SCOTLAND YARD had NOT been involved with the scant and hugely inadequate investigation into the HAMPSTEAD SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE CASE and that my friend had been possibly DUPED by shadow police just as Neelu Berry, Carol Woods and others have reported being targeted by FAKE POLICE and FAKE PSYCHIATRISTS etc as well as different police showing up outside Christchurch in Hampstead later were denied any status with the Metropolitan Police according to their databases.....Hmmmmm!

The plot thickens and if you have any INTEL you can add to this uber messy nightmare of a case that would actually SAVE THE CHILDREN then do please GET IN TOUCH! I will continue to update and work with those I think I trust although this case above all others has exposed the deep underbelly of the TRUTH movement in co intelpro, agent etc bad actors taking part.....


ANGIE ...aka Angela Power Disney aka Angie Power Disney!!

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