I think I've gotta focus on this one aspect of the pro-Palestine side of this conflict, and really press people.

in #hamaslast month


I'm a firm believer in making sure your own house is clean before you make demands of others. That doesn't mean that, if you've got a massive movement, you have to endeavor to disavow your movement of every asshole. That's impossible.

Still, when the assholes are stepping forward, and screaming at the top of their lungs, you have to be able and willing to disavow them. You should even be proactive. From what I've been seeing, y'all have been hesitant to clean your own house when people have pointed out your clear rat infestation.

Maybe you yourself haven't chanted "Gas the Jews!" or "We are Hamas!" Maybe you yourself aren't dumb enough to think that the Jews are white European colonizers of land that has always belonged to Palestinians. But, you are aware that you've got those people in your ranks.

Even if you believe that October 7th was the natural response of an oppressed people against an oppressor, you should be able to realize that the actions of mobs of people in Australia and Dagestan and these United States and so-on to simply try to get their hands on a Jew are acts of racism and not resistance. They're actions based off of an idea of collective guilt.

If I wanted to throw you a bone, I could forgive you for not disavowing the people who were calling for a cease-fire before Israel even had a chance to respond on the basis of you simply being too shocked to feel comfortable saying anything -- I sure was. Still, you don't have to know anything to disavow and condemn the people in Sydney telling, "Gas the Jews!" within hours of the attack. How many of you bothered to even meekly state that these people don't represent you? I didn't see any of that.

If you've got a Palestinian flag on your profile, if you've attended the marches, if you've said, "From the river to the sea!" or even "Free Palestine." in the last seven months, and you want anybody to believe that you don't hate Jews, here's an opportunity.

Just comment with an unequivocal declaration that you condemn any and all of the people who have called for the collective punishment of Jews. Condemn the people who deny that October 7th happened. Condemn the people who demanded people on my side express our concern for the well-being of Gazan non-combatants who refuse to reciprocate when it comes to the Israeli non-combatants who were brutally raped and murdered. Condemn the people who are open supporters, not just of a Palestinian state, but of Hamas.

You can still hate Israeli policy. You can still be critical of how Israel came to exist.

If you're not willing to clearly and unequivocally condemn and disavow the rats in your own house, I have no reason to believe that you're any better than a skinhead.


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