Halloween 2018 - Day20, A "Best of Steem" Halloween Roundup

in halloween •  8 months ago 

I have been off my Halloween game this week, so instead of anything I have done, I thought I would share with you the Halloween efforts of other Steemers.

Don't forget to enter my Halloween Contest, which pays out 20 SteemBasicIncome shares. You can enter multiple times, wth the last day to enter on the 29th!

Let's get to the show...

That's it for now...hopefully I will have some Halloween goodies of my own for you tomorrow!

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I love Halloween too!

I don't know if it could be considered for your contest, probaby not, but I've been doing a series called

Halloween Music from the 60s

and I have done 9 parts so far.

Part ONE was "I Put A Spell On You" by Screamin Jay Hawkins and CCR.

Then I covered Black Masses, Black Sabbath, Coven, Witches aand similar subjects.

Just posted my opinion of the creepiest song of All Time, by Alice Cooper!

I was looking through the #Halloween tag and found your post and thought I'd leave a relevant comment you and your readers might be interested in. If you think it's not relevant or don't appreciate me dropping links, let me know and I'll delete it!


No problem at all ;>

Both posts are in Halloween context, so cool.

I gotta say that the Screamin Jay version is much better than CCR's, IMO.

You might consider doing an index of your Halloween music posts so far, with a little comparison/commentary linking them. Add a link to the entry post in the post (since I derped on the fact we cant resteem after 7 days ;>)...

or just add a comment on the blog post you're entering from; either way, make your entry on the original contest page!

I'm lovin this Alice Cooper song!

I just posted my entry in the original call for entries post, but it's old and cluttered over there. Also the rules say to resteem the post but it is too old to be resteemable at this point so I'm dropping this here too and resteeming this post.

Fun Facts About Halloween: Jack O Lanterns, Pagans, and Cultural Appropriation



it's old and cluttered over there.

just like my brain LOL

cool, got you entered!