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Just a reminder that you all have 3 days to create a Halloween makeup video tutorial for either the male or female category. Here's the updated info:

What To Do:

Create a YouTube video Halloween makeup tutorial and upload to YouTube.
Submit your video link or post to the public channel, #StellasContests in Steemit Chat.
Make a Steemit post in order to announce your video entry. Put a link in your Steemit post to this one so people understand the rules, prizes, etc.
I'm the only judge and I'll choose the winners based on my subjective feelings. If you make me laugh hard, your chances of winning are good. So, what am I looking for? Absurdity, humor, or raw talent. If you're just insane, your chances look pretty good too. Novices are encouraged to enter. If you have no idea what you're doing, you could still win.

Deadline: October 31, 2016 midnight.

So, far I am only aware of 2 entries! If you have already made a video, put your link in the comments below.

Good luck!

fyi: I am paying out rewards from my own Steem account and this contest is no way affiliated with Steemit Inc.
I tried to decline payout for this post but I got a red warning text which prevented me doing that. Any idea why?

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YES, YES Submission made, uploaded, posted, shared. LOL
It was tons of fun. I'd definitely do it again. :) I left a link on your chat channel and original post. Happy Halloween, y'all! I'll be in WriMo hell for the next month :)

That picture makes me Laugh Out Loud for realz!!! :-D

This is a great time to win some STEEM! Its up 20+ % in the last hour, due to today's announcements about User Interface and infrastructure improvements!

I'm digging out my halloween makeup! Then again, hubby says I already have Gene Simmons hair - so maybe all I have to do is take selfies. hahaha!!!


where is it????? Please put your link in the post when you finish! Good luck!

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I work at Universal Studios and am good friends with Kyle Vest, who also works there. Last year, he was a contestant on Skin Wars. He's a body paint artist, with a focus on horror. I'm tempted to ask him to do a quick tutorial video with me, but he's usually pretty busy this time of year. Are you familiar with Skin Wars? This is a shot of us at one of his viewing parties.


do it!!!! There are very few entries so far!


Okay, @jimitations and I are gonna tail Kyle at the haunted house he's working tonight and we'll see what we can put together. :)


No go - there are filming restrictions at the venue he's working this weekend. Oh well. :)

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