Halloween Music! Bela Lugosi's Dead, by Bauhaus - The FIRST GOTH Song!

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This Halloween related song, Bela Lugosi's Dead from 1979 is considered to be the first Goth song, by many. Its almost 10 minutes long and full of creepy scary sounds from Bauhaus' instruments and vocals by Peter Murphy.

Who was Bela Lugosi? He starred as the vampire in the Dracula movie from 1931. After playing Count Dracula, Bela appeared in many other horror movies in the 30s and other movies up until his death in 1956. So he was long gone by the time Bauhaus recorded this song announcing his death!

You can find the lyrics to this song, here. Basically, it talks about Halloween things! Bats, coffins,
death, dead flowers, dark rooms and the undead!

The song starts with s familiar drum pattern that I mentioned in my last post. There is a lot of echo placed on the drums and there are some staccato guitar scratches and various other effects during the long lead in which lasts 2 minutes. Finally the song starts with its chord progression and then vocals at early 3 minutes in.

Between verses is more echoed drums and weird guitar effects. The vocals are in a deep tone and meant to be as creepy as the general musical tone of the tune.

Happy Halloween to you! Enjoy Bela Lugosi's Dead, by Bauhaus, as you decorate your house, get your costume ready and get candy set up for the coming hoard of scary doorbell ringers!


I love the early Bauhaus as much as Joy Division :)

You have good taste in music! Thanks for the comment. :)

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