The dot-matrix printer, those beautiful girls & teamwork

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I was sitting in the lab waiting to take printouts of my programs. We had to attach these programs in our journal and it had to be submitted at the end of each semester. For the rest of the semester, printer in our lab laid unattended and most of the times even not on. But as the submissions approached each semester it would start getting busier and busier. I was as lazy as any other student from majority when it came to completing the journal and would always procrastinate until the eleventh hour. But then there is always the time when you can't procrastinate it any further, and I was waiting for my turn. The printer in our lab was a dot matrix printer which used to print at the speed equivalent to the laziest sloth. There were around twenty of us waiting for turns, and we had nothing to do while we were waiting. There was a group of girls who were silently gossiping amongst themselves, and we could only hear the giggles & not what they were saying. Two of those girls were extremely beautiful and you get into the very awkward situation when you have beautiful girls around and you are doing nothing but timing the interval between each glimpse you have and the exact duration of that glimpse so that you don't get caught up staring.

Due to those girls, we could wait for rest of the evening and the following night if required. At least I was not minding it. I was enjoying myself and speculating in mind what they would be talking about. Possibly about their boyfriends, Nah, it was not worth thinking in that direction. Then might be the studies and classes, well, that's nothing to giggle about. Possibly they were telling each other jokes or funny stories. Whatever they were talking about, they surely were not in hurry. They could easily pass their time and I could pass my time as well, with them around. But then you always expect better of yourself.

So I said to the guy who was operating the printer “You must have typed your program really slowly, or we would have to wait for less”, he started laughing, waited and while beating me in sense of humour said “Actually these are Java programs, so they are slow, I wrote the similar programs in C last semester, and they were faster than these and the assembly language programs in a semester before the last one were even faster”. I did notice the expressions on the face of those girls after both the lines were delivered. My joke was effortless to understand and registered itself. His joke puzzled them as C programs are shorter than assembly programs in lengths and Java is more concise than C. I knew what he meant was that as Java is a high-level language, it is slower than a middle-level language like C and assembly language is the fastest. So now I knew my audience and I could sense that he was extremely proud of himself for coming up with such a solid reply. Those two lines captured the attention of the group and now that guy (His name was Ramesh and my name was Suresh in this story and we were in the same mood as they get in while eating five star) and myself started the conversation on how sick the data structure programs were, how dot matrix printer actually prints and finally how electricity was invented by Benjamin Franklin with his kite, key and storm experiment. He was the smartest guy I ever knew in my college and he ended the conversation by saying "It is nice meeting you, we both are 8086's, I send traps and you send interrupts". That was a stroke of a genius. All this time we both had the girls listening to us, and we could look at those beautiful faces now and then without worrying about counting anything now. They were not participating in our conversation, but they were engaged and I can't tell why. What happened in the canteen when I accidentally bumped into that group the next day is a very interesting story which I shall tell you in a post later.

Thanks for reading.

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You smartass trying to win over girls with your geeky talk ;) but yes, those lines were witty :)

I remember the awkward feeling when you crack a joke to a beautiful girl and she doesn't laugh but she started laughing later not because of the joke but because of you.. and the fact that u can mess up a simple joke.

It was an interesting story.


you made me laugh , and i also miss my days.....and those beautiful girls who we cannot get a G.F... ;-)