The Attraction Of Short Haired Women

in hair •  5 months ago

Hair is the most special and important accessory of all women. There is always the freedom to change the color and shape of a woman’s hair. For this reason women start to change their hair when they desire an innovation. Hair is a delicate piece of us that should always look well-cared and good. I have to say that the long hair trend is now obsolete.

Rihanna (short haired).jpg

We are now in the age of women who have the courage and self-confidence to shape, cut, and change the color of their hair.The neglected amaryllis time whose hair has not been touched by scissors for years has already passed. A beautiful woman does not have to own long hair, of course. Short hair provides the women a young, dynamic and energetic look. Short haired women usually have a bolder and intelligent appearance.

short hair woman.jpg


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