Deep Water

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This is my entry into Mizu No Oto - Every Image Has Its Haiku Contest - WEEK #1


Out in deep water,
A red pole beams up heaven.
I grab, pant, and pray.


I like to think the @bananafish would be there to take me away with it's finless body to a place more safe.

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The mood in the last verse matches with the full sky and the solitude of the pole.. that's Venice lagoon in october you know 🙂


Venice, Italy? If so, I've slept on the streets there and may have see the site the picture was taken from.


Next time you come give me a buzz!


"beams up in heaven" introduces the theme of salvation, that the third verse explains in a nice way, full of significance...literal and metaphorical.


Interesting perspective. Thanks for the feed back. You have been very thoughtful in your responses.

I have to agree with Bananafish below. (Love them miracles and reactions to such regardless.) Upvot’d.

Wow! You gave a feeling from the spiritual and the physical perspectives. Deep water indeed Tristan!