Mizu No Oto - Every Image Has Its Haiku Contest - WEEK #1 My Entry

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This is my entry for the new Haiku Contest now running on the @bananafish blog. Please check it out if you would like to enter it. I am a little late this week but if you do it today you can. Pretty simple idea is to look at a image and write a Haiku best one wills 2 SBI and the one with the most votes also gets a SBI. I don't really think I will win any time soon but is a easy fun contest to try.

Here is the image.

[photo credit: @f3nix]
Now for my amazing Haiku

the sea looks peaceful
our eyes are often deceived
dangers are unseen

If not impressed I get it. But it follows the rules.

Hope you enjoy it a little and think about making your our. Check Here to read the rules and enter yours.

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Thank you for you information @stever82,I think @bananafish have many good contest,I hope can join to participate in his constes one day,but for now let me to wish you will be a winner in this contest Lol..


That was be cool if I won but I don't write Haiku often so doubt my is best.


It's okay @stever82, I think The most important thing here is that you have shown your participation in supporting this contest, I think this is more than enough to be able to hope win in this contest Lol..

@stever82 The pole in the water looks very neat standing in the middle of the picture and looks very attractive.

As the saying goes, the ability in photography is not seen from the camera but can be seen from the results of the As the saying goes, the ability in photography is not seen from the camera but can be seen from the results of the image .


thanks I didn't take that picture though so I am going to add a thanks to who did.

Nice try @stever82! With some practice after some weeks we'll become skillful haijin 😉


Yes that is the goal to just get better.

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Haiku is difficult - at least for me, it its.

Namaste, JaiChai


Ya I can't say they are easy for me I just tried to follow the rules.

The thing about haikus is, you can follow the rules and it's still just a haiku. :p

Just kidding. Job well done.


Haha good one

I'll only regurgitate what @bananafish said: practice, practice, practice! But it was short (I mean haikus are that) and sweet. Upvot'd.

Nicely done Stever82! I like the bit of caution you gave and the sense to look deeper!