30 DAY HAIKU CHALLENGE DAY 25 - Themadrunnah's reflection / An original poem

in #haiku3 years ago

Here's day twenty-five of my reflection off of @brokemancode's haiku contest.

2018-02-01 08.25.30 1.jpg


Radiant orange hues
Taste of salt lingers my lips
Pellucid water

Maddened skies weep ash
The scent of burning metal
Concrete lullaby


  • The photo and first haiku is brokemancode's while the second was inspired from his.

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Glad to know you're back! Nice haiku, as always.

Thank ye kindly my good man! It's good to be back even if it was a wee bit of a struggle!

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It's an honor! I will of course accept.

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Bless your cold, mechanical heart muxxybot!