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RE: Response to @transisto's Open Letter

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You didn’t reply to the most important point he made: You are part of a collusive voting ring.

I will flag any post you make that is scheduled to earn more than $5, because that’s all they are worth. I encourage others to do the same.


@transisto look here, @berniesanders my hero

Your point?

This is the downvote group I was speaking of the other day, and you said noone would do that because they dont earn on it.

Seems to me the mayor problem people have with @haejin's payouts is @ranchorelaxo's big upvotes.

Nobody makes money from flags so why would anyone makes a "ring" out of it.

They're just multiple accounts following a main one, most likely @berniesanders .

Ok, I thought it was his accounts, but he has a steemauto trail for them then as they all vote same time.

Read your posts and do see your point of view. I can agree on most of it too, but I don't agree on downvoting just because you don't agree with the content, and i don't agree on downvoting haejin's followers commenting without telling why. It just frustrate and make you look bad in a lot of new peoples mind.

it was for the bold comeback, not its worth

Do we really believe these flag wars will attract new users?

  1. they’re not wars

  2. they don’t affect most users

  3. yes, because less voting collusion to skim the rewards pool leaves more rewards available for others.

Lol. All this does is prove that the only accounts with power are the whales and the bots. At least it saves time by proving there is no point in new users putting any time or effort into this platform (much less powering up!!!!!). It won’t fulfill its ‘promise’ of providing income (to the vast majority of users), and the ongoing wars will just drive users away. I am certainly sick of it.

sounds alot like the real world. there is no way that money is involved and those with less of it have more power than those with more of it.

just like in real life if your not willing to invest into your balance and increase your power then the minnows will not follow you because you have nothing they want and the whales wont waste their time on you because they see you as beneath them.

we should Fork steemit and create our own platform with moderation and accountability.

decentralization is good until you realize the rich will rule your decentralized world. (they co opt everything)

Then why don't you go after the voting bots that suck >30% of reward pool every day? They vote at random, with cursory attempts at sensing spam.

well they are voting for more % of the reward pool then you, yep that's true but they don't upvote only their own posts and ignore the rest, they are voting for many users. The only problem with voting bots is that they can't distinguish between good and bad posts that is the duty of other ppl who fight against spam and scam that gets promoted by bots.
If a votign bot starts to only upvote his own posts then ppl will start flagging the bot like it happend in the past with scam bots.

Truth knows its own source. We don't want to attract new users we want to provide a platform of currency exchange rooted in truth not capitalism.

It is important to sort steem creators from money manufacturers if steem is to rise above money as intended.

This is what people do not get. It's great that he posts, but if this platform is being exploited by a few individuals it will never grow. There is so much shady stuff going on.

How is it they he receives 50 upvotes within 1 minute, when he posts a 20 minute review on some shitcoin that is dead. How is that worth $300. I comment on how the team abandoned the project, their forum hasn't had a post for 14 months, yet I get flagged by the same people that instavote him and haejin himself? Talk about a hypocrite

And keep bringing up SPR and act like you haven't had a ton of misses. Heck you and your clan flagged me when i provided input (actual research) on some of your shitcoins like RAIN, Bitconnect, BERN. How well are those working out for you and why mute actual input?

Keep speaking truth and it will Be all that remains once All is Seen


A voting ring comprised of yourself and @ranchorelaxo is still a voting ring.

A Voting ring is supposed to be a give and take! Ranchorelaxo doesn’t receive anything from me either in votes or ANYTHING except my TA which he apparently values. He votes because he wants to even if you disagree as you can’t dictate his votes. You want to stop him? Do it directly to him. But don’t take out your biased frustrations on me with downvotes on my blogs.

Just like if you downvote my blogs, it’s my right to upvote it to recover. Yet I know you’ll blame me for not upvoting others. Well, your downvotes are a waste for the same reason since you can’t upvote others with it.

You want to stop him? Do it directly to him.

That's exactly what I'm doing by countering his upvotes.

Well, your downvotes are a waste for the same reason since you can’t up-vote others with it.

By flagging you I'm indirectly up-voting everyone else. I believe that @Ranchorelaxo risk taking down the value of Steem so that you can get your unfair share of it.

I'll be making more money by making sure you're not getting any, simple business decision. I find you very disingenuous and undeserving so that flagging also provides me with a good feeling that money can't buy.

Would it be so hard to tell @rancho to vote your 10x posts a day at 3 day time?

So that on top of taking unfair reward you don't do it in plain sight and expose everyone to the unfair reward your borderline scam analyses gets?

starjuno74.png Just a network that flags? Did this account that you delegate to, hate all my open posts on this day?

yup good old starjuno . Absolutely anything involving Haejin, even if it is a quality post, that goes against his TA, gets instantly flagged. That account has flagged me countless times

The flags I received on this comment (you would like reading it) were so well coordinated that I had to investigate starjuno. I strongly believe that it is his own account or someone living with him. I think it he himself and is abusing reward pool with both accounts. He also sent some Steem for another account creation.

You have no truth in your heart, friend!

You realize truth and reputation are all that matter in the end and there's no way your manufactured benefits will last too long while openly raping honest contributors?

Capitalism is the way of empty-hearted snakes and even the untrained eye can spot slithery sideways movement from quite the distance!

Steem is not money, friend. You are completely out in the open shameless robbing the blind while A11 are watching.


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