I Just Got Flagged by Haejin’s Best Friend. THIS IS WAR!!!!!

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After flagging a few of Haejin’s posts for reward pool rape, I have been flagged by StarJuno on this post: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@shredz7/4-major-consensus-algorithms


Even though I have a tiny account and almost no SP, I joined in on the fight. You can do the same. If we all work together, we can defeat Haejin once and for all. We can expand the reward pool, giving to everyone else on Steem. Take up arms with me and @berniesanders!




I would recommend against going and flagging @haejin or any other whale. It can be dangerous and with all the care that I have for you, I would encourage you to keep away from the fights as much as you can...

I know this sounds cowardly from me, but @berniesanders is powering down everything he has here, he won't be fighting anything and no big whale will go against @haejin right now, either from different principles or for not having the courage and minnows... I am afraid that all of the stake that minnows have, combined on this platform, won't make enough to even compare with what @haejin or rancho have these days. I really believe that there is no fight here, honestly.

You are just guessing.
Its a good question.
But your logic conclutiuon is based on no data.

Then you got the fear factor.

We need to flag haejin constantly and try to gain more members.
But sometimes people who are willing to flag leave it because they give up.

I am not just guessing, he is actually powering down everything from all his known accounts. What am I missing?

With this you are maybe right. But you dont know how many would downvote haejin if they had no fear and just downvote without talking.
For me its overvalued so i can downvote with good reason.
Haejin tends to overdownvote others, because he thinks downvoting is an "attack". But we figuring out value, at least i think that.

I really understand your point, I used to think the same myself, but in time I realized that very few bigger accounts will really risk their reputation and money, in order to downvote him. Most of them are interested in their own profits, and profits are made when one upvotes and not the other way around. And regarding the number of people that want to downvote haejin, it is not a that big number, and they do not have the needed SP. He and rancho have combined over 2 millions Steem Power. I really tend to believe that all the minnows do not have that much SP combined. To me it seems more of a lost fight, as I said, but I may be wrong also

I'm gonna be honest, I've done some reading on Haejin's page and comments and I'm not really sure what's going on here

it is an old story and fight, my honest advice for the minnows is to keep away of it as much as you can, until you will have enough information to be able to take a side, as @shredz7 here did :)

I figured haha! I'm not about to engage in some some random flame war anyways, I was just curious

In time you will get it, it is a pretty popular, if not the most popular fight of Steem, but right now you will have a lot of other things to learn like how are rewards produced, distributed, what is DPoS, what is the reward pool, SP, VP and a lot of other things. When you will get a clear idea about all of these, then get back to @sherdz7 or me, or anybody involved in this war, and they will take the time to explain what is behind all of this and how it started. Until then, take a good care of you and develop your account as much as you can and why not, enjoy steeming, it is a nice place, if you engage properly :D

I have been doing waaaaay too much reading about Steemit and other Steem blockchain apps... Pretty interesting stuff. I feel like I have a clear(ish) understanding of the items you listed. Thanks much, happy Steeming! <3

Don't fall into this trap, you have read much, but never too much :))

Very true, friend. I have really only just begun :)

I can't believe, now I realize, the post of yours which has been flagged is the post that I tried to promote because I found it pretty good and useful... I am so sorry for that, unfortunately I have my SP delegated right now and even with all of it, it is barely nothing compared to the 5k SP that the person who flagged you has...

i upvoted with 1,4k just stick together.
You got a give up mentality.

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