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RE: Response to @transisto's Open Letter

in #haejin6 years ago

@haejin sir after some time i am commenting on your post.Many people have got questions to you but i know the reality,what you mentioned above is absolutely right.Many times i got flagged because of commenting on your post.Some time i see that your post also been flagged.I stopped commenting on your post because i was scared.But after some time seeing your post i thought now i should comment,what i said earlier i am with you whatever happens.I have got a question can you tell about steem or sbd price because its going nowhere.I always like your post.@upvoted and resteemed


I ve just had my account destroyed simply for asking BS why is he doing it
So far i know BS has lost at least 1 witness vote due to the above post and I'm very proud of it and hope for it to be the first of many!!!!@

Not destroyed, You're still at rep +1. Just thread carefully from now on.

as in not to annoy nazi racist retards like Sanders trying to bring censorship to the platform I'LL KEEP MY +1 AS A BADGE OF HONOUR in this case

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