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Through the price of the index affected by the continuity of positive formation of an upward attack and exceeded the target of the first stable at 2678.00, which confirms the price center within the axis of the ascending channel to continue to swing attempts, which may target during the near and medium level of 2735.00 and 2770.00, respectively.
Stochastic is currently positioned within the oversold level to strengthen our bullish outlook, thus renewing the attempt to consolidate the price to the additional positive momentum until reaching the previously suggested targets.

Using gold as a contrarian indicator, this count would be a tertiary or further down the list in probability for me. (Expnd Flat wave IV of V) However, I think you're incredibly smart to have this on the forefront of possibility.

If we break the 2.618 extension (we're just at the 2.00) of the first wave up of this bounce/impulse, I'd move the bullish count to my primary.


I think gold is peaking temporarily so shoudl roll over near the 1,300 or so. So, this could give more emphasis to to my Alternate count.

SP500 fell on Wednesday, but as the day progressed, we started seeing buyers return. We tried to break out of the consolidation area during the day after the Fed's press conference, but still remains below the breach level. In this case in fact the job numbers were announced on Friday, very likely to progress more than anything else. It seems certain that we are trying to build the momentum to rise, but frankly there is a lot of short-term desire. The 50-day exponential moving average is directly below, so I think it's a matter of time before buyers are back on short-term declines. In this case, if we break below 2600, it will change everything.


The Alternate can often become the primary. Staying nimble as at trader is key and yes, I have no reservations about changing my primary to the Alaternate on the dime!

Mr @haejin i think the next two days will present a lot of problems related to the headlines. At this point I think the buyback situation is what we will see, and if we get good job numbers or if we get progress in the US China trade negotiations this should drive the market higher


Good job numbers did come and the market rose. So, the Alternate count is something I'm keeping my eyes on. Cycles make a very good time guide.

The NASDAQ100 appears to be in a more healthy position, and close below the resistance directly. If we can break above the 6825 level for a long time, then I think that this indicator will improve. Retreats at this point are supposed to be supported


Yes, usually the tech sector leads. However, many individual tech companies show signs of a coming recession.

Nice alt count, both counts point down, noticing a few .618's 0131SPXALT.PNG


The problem with your B is that it doesn't look three wave but five. So, perhaps it's the A wave with the five subwaves and so the B is due as a three wave decline:

let's hope that this is a long-awaited growth of the market, at least some stable growth ... I admire you for a professional analysis, it's a mighty consecration ... all the best for you