STEEM WARS - The Thoughts Of A Newbie

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I've been reading a lot of posts regarding the power battle between @haejin and @berniesanders - a lot of whales are involved in this case. On few occasions I catch myself thinking for this, so I decided to share my thoughts with you. Of course I am not taking any sides here, because I don't think supporting this Ego-driven war is constructive - analyzing it on the other hand might be.

One Month Ago

When I joined the community, I was very fascinated by the structure of the platform. I really couldn't realize how exactly you make money from posting, but in two weeks time everything got clearer and I had a plan and vision how I would like to grow my following. Of course I told all my friends about Steemit and also bought some, to accelerate my growth - the more SP, the more your vote worths.

Should I Post On

So everything is fine - posting on Steemit and making some cents on my posts, watching people like @haejin and @berniesanders killing it. Thinking to myself - "these guys are really something, I should follow them and learn from them". Few days pass and I see a flagging and downvoting war between the two groups. My exact thoughts were - "Is Steemit really uncensored" and " Is Steemit THE place for me to write content ?".

So I am following both @haejin and @berniesanders - I think their content is valuable and they really have interesting things to share. As a trader, I know chart analysis can be tricky, so @haejin is doing great job at sharing his knowledge and understanding of the Elliot Waves. For the short period on Steemit, I've seen @berniesanders address some important issues regarding the platform - in his own, unique way.

What is really bothering

It is bothering how many people are dragged into this. Users from all across Steemit are forced to defend themselves and act in a destructive and unproductive way. Instead of posting some valuable content, they are wondering if their next post will be downvoted or flagged by someone, so they get defensive and aggressive. Also how long this battle will continue? No one benefits from such behavour.I am absolutely certain that the newcomer will think twice, if he sees this kind of destructive behaviour in a "sharing" and "caring" community ( The words I used when describing the advantages of Steemit).

Make Peace Not War

Most of us are here for the long-run, we would like to help others on the platform and by doing so help ourselves. If thoughtfulness, caring, sharing and positivity are the cornerstones of our community - the community will think and grow rich ! I would like to ask @berniesanders and @haejin to reconsider their feud and iron out their differences, because noone need this kind of negativity and stress in their lifes.

Positive feelings are always stronger than negative feelings. Instead of thinking how to hurt someone, we should plant the seeds of happiness. I am perfectly aware that not everyone can be friends, but I am also absolutely aware that being negative and adopting destructive thinking eats you alive and makes you miserable.

Lastly, let's think of the community we are building. In wars, there are always collateral damages, in this case, these are your fellow Steemians - hurting them just to prove a point is not cool. We don't need this, we can use our energy in far more productive manner.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. Thank you for reading

P.S. I hope this article does not offend someone, it is written with positive vibes only !


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I couldn't agree more, imbibing negative and destructive thinking habits will always leave us miserable, worse than ever. This post is quite timely and should be read by all and sundry on Steemit


Yes, absolutely! Instead of upvoting good content, these two just downvote whatever they don't like.

You can help this cause by resteeming the content. Thank you for your comment.


I have resteemed the post. You're welcome.
Have you gone through my recent posts @ervinneb? Do well to go through them, and let me know your thoughts. Thank you


Well, your posts are pretty cool. The one thing that I don't really like is that they lack specifics. I mean that the topics you cover are very general. Overall I think your content is good. I will be glad if you make some kind of series for example.

I'm new here too. Still trying to figure things out, but this "war" seems to be pointless, (unless I'm misunderstanding this). As an anarchist/volunteerist, I don't see the point in hurting someone else unnecessarily. Peace.


Peace brother! No need for this - but still goong on, it's a bit strange and surely immature.

I started following @haejin early on when i joined Steemit Community a short time ago...It's because I am also a technical trader and I like his Analysis he does know what he is talking about. As far as him garnering 6% of the reward pool I have no idea if that's wrong or not wrong. Would be nice if all these folks would burry the hatchet and move along...and have fun ;-)


It is proven that berniesanders made an error with the calculation and in reality @haejin is earning 0.6% from the pool. His analysis is fine, but the amount of analysis per day decreases the credibility in my opinion.


Yes i've heard other complain about how often he is posting but is there any rules against that? If not then should we care? Just playing Devils Advocate. I'm still learning about this reward system LMAO and yes 6% is a lot worse than .6% for sure.


No, its perfectly fine. I meant that when you post 10 posts per day, 10 various coins, people are very confused. For example I get confused when I see that much suggestions, but as you said - you are not obliged to take action after you read something on the internet

Peace is always better but war brings in the advancements that are needed. I personally say, let them do this war until steemit team takes notice of them and do something like banning the bots completely. At least then we don't have to deal with Vote buying and some stupid nonsense


Agree on the second part, disagree on the first. The steemit team is unlikely to intervene in a serious way.

Yes, our steem community needs Love & peace, like this above activity everything will spoil. Positive think is 100 times efficient than Negative thinking. your thoughts and advices are really need to the narrow minded people. Resteemed.


Thank you, kunani. Glad to have you back :P

great post
you spread the positivity
we need like these words in our life not just in steemit
thank you


Thank you for taking the time to read it.

Thank you @ervinneb for posting this. I'm actually just started using Steemit, my account was confirmed just today, and the first thing I see is that all trending posts are about an in-between fight. So I wonder, does it actually makes sense to post anything here? Will positive content be heard and listened to? The impression I get is that for good content to be noticed, the war should be stopped. Has anyone asked admins to work this thing out?


I really doubt there are admin's here, because this is decentralized platform. The whole idea is to NOT have censorship. I guess someone like @transisto can answer this for you.

And for the other part , yes absolutely there is point in posting here, persistence is key in this community, also valuable content will be read and apprasised (most of the time)

very interesting
I have upvote and resteem
teach me steemit to write the right and interesting
thank you


Thank you !