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Important Change to Steemit, effective immediately.

in haejin •  10 months ago

Dude, learn before you talk. He shouldn't be making 10x more than anybody else on the platform. It literally states as a reason for flagging. To do it because you disagree with payouts.

He was getting over 1% of the reward pool which means it takes a ton of rewards away from the rest of the community. If not for his greed, he'd allow some rewards to go back to the community. Is 10k+ a day acceptable to you? For his work?

Learn. Read. Don't jump to a conclusion. He's bitching because he can't make 10k a day and you all follow him like he's a god.

And BTW, 90+% is ONE guy... And this guy downvotes anything that sheds light on any fake accounts? Why? To hide the bullshit that is going on in his secret community he's made so he can siphon millions from the blockchain.

This has ALWAYS been something people disagree with. Especially from whales who have a huge stake in the platform and shouldn't be doing self distructive actions.

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Follow him like a God? Nice assumption you made there while sitting at your computer telling me to Learn and Read before making a comment. Perhaps taking your own advice would serve you best in this instance.

Edit: I noticed that you're upvoting your own content.... do you see the irony and hypocrisy in this?

I think he downvotes posts about fake accounts because there aren't any fake accounts. I think his reward is completely reasonable given all the people he is helping.

You and some whales may disagree with his payout, but it is not reason to start a massive flagging war. As I said before, steem has people far more malicious than haejin.

I think there are plenty of solutions to this, not just attacking the character of both sides. Limiting accounts to 3 flags a day is a good solution.

As for upvoting his own content, literally everyone does this. Bernie has upwards of 20 bots with SDP generated from systems of upvoting content. He is literally paid to make himself money.
Haejin having a single alternate account (or whatever ranchor is) with a large stake does not seem like that big of a problem when compared to abuse by other users.


You realize there are plenty of other people on steem that give the same type of advice with the same analysis considering he didn't make the analysis just learned it.

His payout is extremely out of line. And considering that is one of the main purposes for flagging, there is no need to cry about the flag war.

Haejin had HURT communities on this platform that make much less in a week than he does in a single day just out of spite. He hurt over 500 people who depended on the payouts of an account to run their activities.

You are telling me that was deserved? For him getting flagged for 1$. Please. Haejin is a gross disgusting greedy person.

The amount of money Bernie Sanders makes is NOTHING compared to the disgusting abuse by Haejin and rancho.

You are beyond blind in your BiasNarrative. Two people doing things that are wrong does not make either right. And somebody who is wrong doesn't mean everything they point out is incorrect.

Hate berniesanders all you want, but he points out abuse ALL the time. Does he abuse? Probably.

But when basically ALL of the community supports some sort of flagging of Haejin and ALL of the community basically wants it to stop. Except for his sheeple.

There is something wrong. Open your eyes.

How can you say they aren't bots when there is literally times where accounts systematically upvote his points one after the other? 30 minutes of accounts just constantly upvoting every post they could. Shell accounts mind you that have almost NEVER posted or done anything but upvote Haejin.

If it wasn't 40 minutes of straight votes. One after the other. 10 votes a minute. I would be more inclined to believe this isn't a script. But for you to tell me it isn't bots when it clearly screams scripting.... You are choosing not to see what it right in front of your face.


I continue to upvote haejin's content because it entertains me, it informs me, and he teaches me. I believe steem should be a community where people are rewarded based on the quality of their content. Me and many others like haejin's content.

Saying he is creating bots to increase his payout is nonsense. He has a large dedicated following.

I think many people are unable to see past their ego in this argument. It's always me VS them, instead of a discussion on how we could use this experience to learn and make the steem community a better place. If your argument is that he receives too much of the reward, I'd be open to learn ways the rewards could be bigger and more evenly distributed. I'm sorry that you feel I am biased, I am just a normal dude who enjoys his content and I think it's pretty closed minded to assume his followers are mostly bots.

I used steem before I started following haejin, but I use it 5x more now. I enjoy consistently opening steem and reading his technical analysis. Others do too.