Q&A session with Dmytro Budorin: community questions. Part 1

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  1. What separates Hacken from other cybersecurity tokens?

    The main feature of Hacken is that we provide a wide range of cybersecurity services. This means that HKN token is more functional and valuable for the community than other CS tokens.
  2. Why choose Hacken over a regular cybersecurity company?

    Since we are a crypto company, we have a good opportunity to better understand the average cybersecurity pains in the blockchain sphere. We know exactly what the crypto community needs and try our best to satisfy their demands.
  3. Will “hack insurance” as a product be added to the roadmap soon?

    Our main principle is to deliver quality products. Quality should keep pace with quantity. I think we’ll add it, but our main focus is on Crypto Exchange Ranks right now.
  4. How well is adoption outside of crypto doing?

    We are becoming quite a popular company in Ukraine and abroad. More and more specialist and young talents want to work with us. Besides, we are working on the increase of our non-crypto-related client base. Soon we’ll announce some of our newest clients (North American and Southeast Asian software companies) from the traditional business world.
  5. How are you promoting Hacken outside of Crypto?

    Cybersecurity is a very sensitive area, it’s all about trust. Most our clients were coming on the recommendation of other clients. Thus, our client base has lately been growing based on our performance and excellent execution of set tasks.
  6. Any plan to create automatic smart contract audit like QSP?

    Automatic smart contract audit is only a marketing tool. In terms of quality, it’s quite useless. We have our own automated tools which perform probably 70% of the whole work but they can only catch minor bugs, while major flaws are found in smart contract logic,  which, of course, needs human attention and interaction.
  7. Will there be a strong coordinated marketing campaign after 31th of May, when CER is ready?

    Of course, CER is our main focus right now, and we are hiring big PR agencies to help us with the promotion. Also, aiming to attract new customers, we plan to do some airdrops. In the future, one won’t be able to get the valuable CER analytics without paying in HKNs. We want people to get used to the platform when it’s free and then start earning for future development.
  8. When will HKN be listed on one of the top 5 exchange (or other good exchanges)?

    Undoubtedly, an exchange is important for the community. However, I want to emphasize that an exchange listing usually results in a one-time pump. If we analyze the coins which went live to large exchanges, we can see that it doesn’t guarantee big volume after one week being there. So the increase in a coin's price always depends on the fundamentals - products and the community. We plan to add a new exchange with bigger volume than KuCOin, but we want to move step by step. I am pretty sure that CER will change the negotiation power between top-5 exchanges and HKN.  Likely, in June, we will get to see those results.
  9. Has the Hacken team ever considered designing their own HKN-secured hardware wallet?

    We have partners which we are testing. Pretty soon, you will be able to purchase Hacken-branded, HackenProofed hardware wallets.
  10. Is the Hacken team aware that many people have lost their investment on Yobit?

    Yes, we are aware. In the beginning, we were reimbursing funds of those people, but then I noticed that a lot of scammers targeted me. They begged to return their coins. We used a lot of resources to check every person who claimed to be a victim; it appeared that a lot of people tried to fraud us. We have a plan how to recover all these funds in the future. This will happen when we migrate from ERC20.
  11. What about price manipulation on exchanges?

    I am very much against market making on exchanges. When I see unexpected volume splashes in the daily trade view, that probably means that founders want to earn something.   Our team has never done anything like this. In terms of manipulation, I think there are traders on KuCoin who are using some trading bots to play with our coin. However, they play quite a risky game.

Nice! Thanks guys putting the time into this! Much needed :)

we' re doing our best (:
Thank you for appreciating it!
Soon we'll give answers to the 2d pile of questions.

Dmytro is at the conference in Estonia right now.

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