MTGox List of Bankruptcy Creditors and List of Acceptance or Rejection of Claims (In respect of Bitcoin Exchange-Users of Bankrupt)

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Was you infected by hack on MtGox? List of acceptance or rejection for all claimants!

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Hello, here is full refound list from MTGox Hack.

事 件 番 号 /Case No. 平成26年(フ)第3830号/2014 (Fu) No.3830
破 産 者 /Bankrupt 株式会社MTGOX/MtGox Co., Ltd.
破産管財人弁護士 小林信明/Nobuaki Kobayashi
Bankruptcy Trustee

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Hope this is usefull for you


My husbands claim was accepted but they told him there has not been a date set for reimbursement.
💋 @halo 💋😇

Nice, jess all still wait i think. I havent heard annything other yett.
Lets hope it happend soon, i waiting for 93 BTC :p

They told him he would be paid in JPY not Bitcoin or US dollars.
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Yess couse it is gov that pay out.
But that would not be anny problem i think, to convert it back.

Thanks, i'm on the list of accepted. I suppose what we must do now, is again wait and wait and wait !!!!

You welcomme.
Jess it is one hell of a waiting :/ but as far as i can see, mostly all get refound.
So lets wait and see :) Hope it happen soon, couse i am tired of waiting.