Are We What Our Habits Make Us?

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For those of you who know a bit about human psychology, you may be aware that our habits and our behaviors are largely based on self-limiting beliefs and fears. Thus, it follows that if we constantly tell ourselves that we cannot do something, or that we would not be good at doing it, that can limit us in our ability to do those things. Likewise, if we tell ourselves that the things that we would love to do would hurt us, then those same habits will keep us from doing those good things.

This is why habits can sometimes get in the way of progress. When our habits are standing in the way of progress, it does not mean that we should give up on our dreams or goals. All that it means is that we need to evaluate what our habits are and determine whether they are good or bad. If they are bad, we should try to remove those habits from our lives. At the same time, if our habits are good, then we should keep them because doing so can help us achieve more.

If your habits are good, then you are content and happy with your life. This, of course, depends on how these habits came about. Did they form over the course of time or did they evolve? Most habits can be changed or broken by introspection and reflection if they are not a part of a larger pattern.

This is where habits management comes into play. In order to change the habits that are holding us back, we need to figure out which habits we can let go of. We may need to forgive someone who caused us pain in a past relationship or who has been insensitive to our needs in the past. We may need to change the way we eat, spend our leisure time, or otherwise behave in order to meet our goals.

Habits can also be changed through the realization that all habits are a result of one overriding thought: our desire to be successful. When this part of us is satisfied then our habits will follow. We can choose good habits and bad habits in the same way that we choose which toothpaste we will put in our mouths. Some people might prefer drinking water, while others might prefer sugar. Our goal is to find the kind of toothpaste that works best for us and then to use it consistently so that the results are positive.

Changing our habits can be difficult. It can even be scary at times. However, if we are committed to doing it then the changes will be gradual and the new good habits will stick. Just as replacing bad habits with good habits is a journey along that journey, changing our habits to become healthier and happier can be a slow and steady process, but the end result will surely be worth the effort.