Create good routines and become more effective!

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Do you have any bad habits that you would like to get rid of? There is no easy way to get rid of bad habits, but instead you could decide to replace them with good habits!

I recently read a book on the topic of habit stacking. The book was written by S. J. Scott and I had never heard of the author or the book. I did somehow bump into the book looking through books available with Prime Reading and as I saw its cover I decided that I wanted to take a closer look at the book.

In his book on Habit Stacking the author speaks of the importance of creating good routines. It can be considered a good habit to pray and read the Bible for 30 minutes every morning, but in his book on habit stacking he decides rather to focus on small habits that last between 1 and 5 minutes. If you take several such habits and stack them into a routine you will be able to cause big changes to happen in your life. And if you didn’t know it, a 10-minute routine can make big changes to your life, also seen from a Christian perspective.


Some food is better than no food!

Have you ever been really hungry? I guess you have! When you are hungry the most important is to actually get something to eat, not to sit by the table for hours. For most Christians adding 3 minutes of prayer and 3 minutes of Bible reading to their daily schedule would mean a big improvement compared to where they are currently at. That is why I felt encouraged to create my very own routine lasting between 5-15 minutes every morning as I read the book on habit stacking.

  • To pray for three minutes before I start working in the morning is a good habit.
  • To read my Bible for three minutes before I start working is a good habit.
  • To clean my working desk and the room I sit in before I start working is a good habit.
  • To stretch my body for a few minutes before I sit down to work is a good habit.
  • To prepare a big cup of tea before I work is a good habit.

Now, if I take all those habits and place them into a routine that I perform every day I have just managed to create a 10-15 minute routine that I perform every day before I start working. Hopefully, I will be able to keep this routine going and I do hope it will have a positive effect on my life (if I manage to follow this it will for sure have).

What will trigger your daily routine?

Every morning as I walk into my office there is a trigger inside of me telling that it is time to perform my daily morning routine. It is important to have something triggering your daily routine to start. It might start at once after waking up, after your breakfast or maybe as you get home from work. What is important is for you to have something to trigger your routine to start. This trigger will send a clear message to your brain telling you that it is time to get your routine going.

What will your daily routine look like?

Your daily routine could be very different from mine. That doesn’t matter and it is important for you to create a routine that you believe to be the best possible for you. You need to be able to do it in a short time and you have to believe that it will improve your life in a positive way.

The book I read did not become a new favorite of mine. But, I do believe that God wants us to learn from everything we read, see and experience. And thus I believe that he taught me some good lessons as I read this book and for that I am very grateful!

Have you got a list of habits that you could transform into a daily routine? Have you got a question that I could answer? Write a comment as I would love to hear from you!

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